Don’t make ASSUMPTIONS about your clients



Clients and treating them well, and, respectfully — is the lifeblood of any business.


Yes, you will always have difficult people, just don’t work with them any longer. Being respectful, does not mean tolerating snarky, bad behaviour, a lack of tact, a lack of manners, and, an overall financial headache.


Today, I want to cover making assumptions of your clients. Initially, I wanted to entitle this about when you’re not mainstream, you don’t seek out mainstream ideas. However, making assumptions of clients, is a deadly thing.


I will explain why.


Recently, I hopped on a “breakthrough call” (not mine, I don’t do wasting time to see “if it’s a fit” — I know by someone’s face if they understand Sparty or not) — and I went to the woman with a challenge that I have struggled with for NON-WORLDLY REASONS. My reasons for struggle in that area were all spiritual in nature and the experiences I have had to process. However, optimistic as I am, I trialed to see what a worldly option (solution) would look like. It reminded me why I don’t waste my time with any solution for life challenges — that isn’t magickal/energetic in nature. It doesn’t work for me. This was a reminder and one I wish to publicly share with you guys 🙂


No sooner did I get on the call, the woman began patronising me, starting with my age. Excessively masculine women have this habit, which makes them unappealing, bitter sounding, and darkens the aura. pushing people away from you. I am young enough to be considered young, and old enough to be taken seriously. If that wasn’t bad enough, the next line was the nail in the coffin.


“Oh, we only seem to work with women who are older and HAVE THE FINANCES…”


Have the finances…




If you are an Entrepreneur/Investor — it is painful to assume a prospect doesn’t have YOUR ASKING PRICE because you’re an judgemental fucker who goes round thinking they really know it all (no one does…). This is one of the fastest ways to lose business.


This woman had made a judgement about me based on my age (!), that I didn’t have the whole programme investment (which wasn’t even a lot) and began acting like a drill sergeant about my situation. I stopped her 10 minutes in when I told her that she was rude and disrespectful to which her response was “I am sorry you feel that way”. I hung up.


That is a narcissistic response.


Anyone that tells you “I am sorry you feel that way”, is narcissistic and you just need to run.


The funny part of it all, was that when you assume, again — you make an ass out of you and me. It reminds me of a time I went into a department store and one of the women working there looked at me like ‘bet you can’t even afford what’s in here”. I just looked at her and felt utterly sorry for her, her not realising it is the customers buying clothes as to WHY she is even getting paid in her job — because going back to my last post — people make JUDGEMENTS AND ASSUMPTIONS of what you can and cannot afford based on how you dress, speak etc. It is a trap I have never ever fallen into, and have actually come across some incredible wealthy people because I could see their wealth as it was quiet and classy.


And so there are so many people who offer services and think they are selling “high ticket”, newsflash, 5-20K (any currency) is NOT HIGH TICKET, not at all. Quality people are not attracted to dirt cheap prices because they have value for what they pay and what they should receive. Do not ever make the mistake of assuming someone does NOT have what you’re asking for, because if there is true alignment of service provider and vendor — the person will ALWAYS have the money. If not, they will find the money and return.


It is bad manners to assume things in people, most especially if someone is coming/approaching you to solicit assistance and help. You present them with offers and it is upto them if they choose to see the value in it (providing it is a good fitted alignment and you have worded it correctly), which brings me to my point of why so many business owners struggle.


A lack of correct messaging means that the right people for you, can never find you. 


People know what they want (although it can seem like they may not), and furthermore they will have the money for it, providing your service is better than average as well as your products/services/experiences — are worth it. Judging your client’s situation, is a dangerous gambit. In any sense, starting with financial. Many people lack the sheer IQ and manners to keep their mouth shut when they get into a frequency above their own.


I remember a time I had to go visit a client who (quite frankly) lives in what I would consider a mansion styled house in London. I waited for the electric gate to open, I parked my car, and rang the bell. The maid answered, we smiled at each other and she invited me in. The foyer was truly grand and their front room was replete with a full library, whisky shelf, chess table area, 2 pianos and about 4 beautiful pieces of furniture. The lady came out and I greeted her (and her 2 cats) and I could hear both her sons come downstairs for breakfast. Her husband was on his way out, we said our hi/bye as he was in a rush. She showed me around before we got started, and I saw their swimming pool, indoor cinema, gym – lol, it was like a theme park in their house 😀


Had I made ASSUMPTIONS about her, when she came to me I wouldn’t have been able to HELP HER. I sat with her and just asked her some very simple questions and LET HER SPEAK. She desired I teach her some of my ways and my asking price for that is not simple and neither is it cheap. I intend it to be, as such.


When you sell your products/services, please stop ASSUMING things about people, especially prospects and about people you meet.


I have had many instances of people dismissing me, because at first glance, I am an unassuming woman — that I must be either dumb, or, ashamed as I don’t have much to show about my life. It so happens I don’t seek or require validation from people about wearing the fanciest, showiest clothes, shoes and other material accessories (although I enjoy them) because the peace I receive from God, is more than enough to make me feel inner peace and I don’t feel the need to fill the gaps of my soul with money. I let people think and assume what they desire about me, and it often goes left.


Let your clients speak for themselves, and give them the SPACE TO SPEAK. 


Do not judge and assume people’s financial station as looks are often exceptionally deceiving. Value yourself, value your merit, and, the mastery of work that you provide.


You will often surprise how people prove you wrong.


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