Duchess Bune & How To Rise In Feminine Queen Glory

Dutchess Bune, is sought for her assistance with financial affairs  — She’s also known as an old god (despite her being a lady) and is a Infernal spirit of aristocracy.She mentors in the arts of motherhood, wifedom, feminine hospitality, elegance, refinement, dignity, Goddess allure, sexuality, grace, poise, and social etiquette.  


Known to rule equally over money and opportunities, her talents lie in creating the feminine charm and procuring the womanly arts of elegance, grace, sophistication, and poise. She governs seduction and has great worldly knowledge.


Bune is one of the most regal and sweetest spirits I have an on-going Patronage with. I adhere to ALL of her teachings and I am always pleasured to share them on this platform with Ladies (and the gentlemen who wish to read my posts for women to gain knowledge for themselves — otherwise they stick with the Business posts!)


I spoke with a client about a situation that she had, a situation that many modern women in Western Society face however have no clue how to amend it any longer. There is a time-constraint and pressurized feeling that women of today are trapped into, trapped against their own will. A trap and a noose that has gotten stronger over time, and continues to become worse.


Women feeling less & less of a woman in their own skin. Completely alienated from their own Femininity and having no clue what it is meant and left to be a woman anymore. Toughened women. Not reslient. Toughened. Feminine women can be very resilient and resourceful. By defacto, Spartanite Living teaches that to women. This is a special type of hardening, a morphing into a strange masculine, a masculine so many women are so very tired of. The robust, hardened exterior and weak gooey interior. A scared little girl child. Vulnerable, lonely, and very afraid of life. Fed up of working jobs (all jobs are masculine by the way), fed up of trying to “make it in business”, fed up of all the things that strangle her feminine spirit, a spirit SHE has been LIED TO; that makes her look stupid.


Taking to my altar with Lady Bune, I had a few questions and Bune’s wisdom to share with each person who reads this blog. It is my endeavour that any woman who wishes for a life of her own choosing, can do it with Dignity and Grace. I summoned Bune, and the rest I am now transcribing from the recording where I chatted with her.


Me ” Bune! Thank you for coming. And thank you always for sharing your wisdom with me 🙂  Please scan my questions and answer what you feel that needs to be known on Sparty blog please. ”


Without any incense or perfume, I smell STRONG Rose perfume fill the room on a Clairalient level. I knew Bune was present. Bune and Roses go together how myself and the colour red, align.


Bune : “Sweetie, so nice to see you again! Of course I will. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your deep Queenly rest. Rest is important for us, Ladies. Nadia, this world is mad. Have you seen what women are expected to do these days? I have a headache thinking about it! Imagine doing ALL the work on the outside (by this she means working a job or running a business on the outside) and then coming home and doing all the house work. Look at what Feminism has done to women of today. Today’s woman, by default, has lost her charm and grace — sweetie, how can one be expected to have the charm and grace where she is yelled at for deadlines, quotas, margins, profits — how boring. She doesn’t want to do anything traditional, either. What a man’s thing to deal with (the margins and quotas bit). Spartanite, this does not mean we are encouraging Ladies to go back into the dark ages. I am very proud of what Ladies have been able to do for themselves. What I am ashamed of, is how they have left behind their power.”



Me : “I agree. And I am in alignment with what you are saying. Can you expand on their power bit, please?”



Bune : “Sweetie, most women think they are weak because they approach power from a masculine based concept. They think power = masculine strength. Our strength is different. Can you imagine a man having the patience and the endurance to give birth? *sigh* The point I am making here that a woman’s power lies in her SOFTNESS and her STILLNESS. These are traits that responsibility makes challenging for a woman to go through with. In the West, with all the garbage in the food, water, and air, men are literally unable to stay masculine. Each man is fighting to stay masculine and has now been told, being predatory is masculinity. *sigh*. You will help men heal, equally. Women are told that they have to “muscle up” to survive. You know this story well, you know how much you had to work like a man to give yourself a Feminine life today. You thought it would never end. Sweetie, what did you dream of most when you worked jobs you hated to literally survive, and were yelled at to take more clients and show up with schedules and deadlines?”



Me : ” Having a full bank account, making thousands in a day and to go home and eat nice delicious food, lie in my bed and sleep, so I could rest and heal ”



Bune : “And do you know HOW MANY WOMEN think and wish for that? Nadia, it doesn’t make a woman lazy for wanting that. The feminine body is not designed to withstand hard knocks the way a man’s body is. Our strength is different. There is a REASON men PROVIDE for women. Many women will not be able to power through the way you did, you also; did not have choices in your life, hence you did so. I am proud of you and you are a shining inspiration for many women who come to Spartanite.  You chose to make your tens of thousands with your own knowledge, ambition, and brainpower. I know you want to teach women how to be independent and heal their heart and their feminine core, so they can rise into their own feminine glory. But this is IMPOSSIBLE without a woman having sufficient finances that she has made HERSELF. Because what is easily given to a woman (a man’s money), is easily taken away from her. It is striking the fine balance between empowered femininity, self-sufficiency and radiant glowing charm.”


Me : “What is the best way to teach women how to do this? I know how hard it’s been for myself to incorporate all those elements and very much remain a woman.”



Bune : “You will counsel them out of old mentalities and you will encourage them to seek help from a place of Feminine empowerment and not going to a man to seek help. Sweetie, what I mean by this; is that, as much as the men who advise these Ladies, are well meaning — they are OBVIOUSLY going to speak from their own perspective. Which is a man’s perspective. A man cannot teach a woman how to be a woman, just like you cannot teach a man how to be a man. Although, through you, many men will access the highest point of The Feminine Divine and understand how to do business and carry themselves in a stronger manner. You can very much guide and encourage a man which you already do when you are in the presence of men, but Nadia, you cannot teach a man the arts of manliness and brevity, can you?”



Me : “I understand, it makes sense. So what you are saying, is that a woman needs to heal the core wounds first? The emotional stuff that gets her down and organise her emotions in a systematic manner?”



Bune : “Yes correct, darling. You will teach women how to heal the emotional wounds, heal and rise from their pain and you will empower them to stand up for themselves and fight for their right to have a VOICE and be heard. Sweetie, what you’re doing was the ORIGINAL goal of Feminism. Now, look at what it’s become. How shameful. You will also teach Peace, Dignity, Boundary Setting and how to be in alignment with Queen energy as you are. Ladies cannot hope to hold onto to feminine behaviour in this day and age when no one has taught them how to stand up and make their voice count, how to say no, how to tell someone to fuck off, haha yes that is very ladylike as and when necessary (!), as people of today are ridiculous in jumping boundaries, and shine with the knowledge that they are ENOUGH on the inside. ONLY THEN, can that woman have hope to receive the money she desires and do it in an elegant fashion. Most women go for the aggressive (manly) route, you go for the other route, you begin the Ladies slowly and once they are healed inside, you very quickly fast track the money mentality and get them to win.”


Me : “How do I help the men win? I think this is important for the women to know as well?”



Bune : “As above, So Below. Night is Day, and Day is Night.  Spartanite mainly focuses on wealth mentality empowerment for men, it is where men feel at their most masculine. A man and a woman NEED each other. The men also require bold masculine empowerment. Your style is mainly appreciating men which they enjoy, and encouraging them in all their endeavours. You educate and illuminate them with calmness and emotional security, without talking down to them and you show many men how to persist with their goals.  Not because they aren’t manly enough, but because even they are human and they feel unsure, confused, and lonely OFTEN. As you know, our society doesn’t permit men to show their emotions. You write about things on this Blog, many men admire in you. Hence they return. The women, Spartanite, should know that as you rise and empower them, you are equally doing the same for men. You have found exceptionally unique Aquarian ways of doing so.”



Me : “Thank you Bune. I love and appreciate you so much <3"



Bune : “My pleasure, sweetheart. We shall speak again!” *air kiss*



I sat for most of the day when I had channeled this, with Bune’s adorable Charmed Rose Pendant in my hand (you can find it in the store here) and thought “I wonder what inspiration a beautiful pink rose can give Spartanite and those who are of patronage to it”, however that’s for another time. I will have to write a post on that sometime soon!



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