Duchess Bune on What Is Empowered Feminine Energy & How To Create More Of It

Excessive Responsibility kills Femininity. You may want to write that down, Nadia

Scribbling on an A4 piece of paper, I was pressed for space on the tiny table where myself and this Lady, was sat. (not Duchess lol –it was a human woman) I could smell beautiful incense and eagerly wrote some notes down and then tucked them back into my bag and sat quietly. When wise people speak, it’s wise to listen.

Femininity in the West, is seen as being a doormat and being weak. Nothing “gets done” in Feminine energy, they cry.


A whole lot gets done. In fact, you can get so much done as a Lady, when you possess the healthy Tenets of Femininity because you come to symbolise and self-actualise what it is, to be a woman. Long gone are the days where we lived in a functional society. We live in sickness, filth, degeneracy, lunacy, and insanity for the most part. Through Elite chemical engineering, men have become feminine and women have become masculine. It is sad to watch however there were 3 major principles that help women elevate into being more of a Lady and being more polished. It takes time in a world where most women in the West have become hard, aggressive, and masculine because of ONE major thing.

The Pill.

Duchess Bune and I, had a long chat about this. Contrary to popular belief, Bune insists that it is not a contraceptive device, but one that creates sterility in the long run. The Pill has messed women up, beyond comprehension and has destroyed society in many ways. What started off as something that created liberation, has turned deadly and there is literally no power to stop it anymore. It is imperative for women who are Spiritually sensitive, more than anything to keep a check on what they wear (the energy of the fabric), and most especially what they eat and drink. All hormones are affecting both men and women, we now have a society of insanity.

With that said, the three major ways on how to create Femininity within one’s Self, as a woman are the following :

  • LEAN BACK. The Duchess is huge on just letting people BE. Stop trying to pursue, chase, and control. Understand and know your boundaries by working with your intuition. Duchess has always pointed out that if you’re a Lady that does business, please stop trying to call someone for the 5th time when you full well KNOW they don’t want to speak with you/find you annoying. There is a graceful way to follow up, and you do that by GENUINELY being interested in someone’s life. There are kind ways to ask, without waking up to 20 emails in 25 days about “signing up for your product”. If someone wishes not to buy, wishes not to date you, wishes not to be your friend, wishes to have their space, please honour their life and simply lean back and step away. We live in a complicated world where (contrary to popular belief), not everything will be about you. You often don’t know what someone is struggling with. There are way too many opportunities in life to be stuck to one thing or person. Please let it be.


  • BE WILLING TO RECEIVE & BE DRAMA FREE. Bune teaches myself and all the Ladies I have the pleasure to share my work with, about how important it is to receive. I have a good friend I wanted to help and when I offered her with something, she refused the help. Perhaps she didn’t feel worthy of the help, perhaps she didn’t see her own blocks and it was incredible for after knowing her for 15 years, how Duchess pointed out how women sabotage themselves so badly because they don’t ALLOW the help in. It doesn’t make you weak to ask for help and accept help. Stop cringing when people offer help to you, it is a wonderful gift to RECEIVE good things in life. Keep yourself conscious when someone offers you something lovely, say thank you and accept. It is good manners to accept nice things and receive from people. Have an agreeable and polite personality (this doesn’t mean doormat for all the angry emotional feminists who want to mouth off, after reading this). Being likeable is a trait, that is very important. Have a honourable and healthy handle on your emotions


  • KEEP UP WITH GROOMING AND SELF CARE. I try not to be guilty of this myself and mark calendar appointments at the salon to rest and pretty myself up. All types of feminine grooming, skincare, learning to apply quality makeup, selecting statement jewellery, and wearing nice clothes, are part of feminine charm. I owned a Spa years back and I will never forget a lady who came in and said “You don’t realise how important this stuff is, until you don’t have the money for it anymore”. You don’t have to go to expensive salons and spend £300 on a facial (lol), you can keep up with all this stuff at home. Part of grooming and respect for One’s self, is also having respect on what you consume. You cannot look good and maintain a healthy body, when you aren’t eating correctly and working out properly.

Cultivating Feminine Magnetism, has many components to it. Bune’s Feminine Magnetism Audio Class and her Private Mentoring programme — THE FEMININE COURTHOUSE OF ROYALTY, is coming soon 🙂

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