Duchess Bune & The Connection of Sexual Arousal & Receiving Money

I should really write more about Duchess Bune…I work a tremendous amount with her, and always oddly end up writing about Clauneck, however I have decided to honour Lady Bune equally in my blogs, as she has a full section of her own on our site, anyway. You can find her section by clicking this link.


Bune’s enn is Wel Melan Avage Bune Tasa 🙂


Lady Bune, sometimes appears to others as a Duke, and not a Duchess. She may also be known as Bime. And I have read a lot about Bune having a strong masculine side as well, however in my own experience, Duchess Bune, is a woman. Her voice is hypnotic, pleasant, sexually suggestive, hyper feminine, and very eloquent. She’s an old god that’s been around since the time of the Pharaohs and hails from nobility, herself. Master of Necromancy, Seduction, Eloquency, Sexual Arts, Hospitality, Feminine Grace & Consciousness, as well as Money (ESPECIALLY MONEY)– Bune teaches heavily on Courtesan arts and “catching more flies with honey, than one does with vinegar..”


Her favourite foods include cherry doughnuts, Turkish delight, Black Turkish coffee, and wild game. Bune is one of the sweetest Spirits I have ever chatted to, she is super polite, friendly, and she is MIRACULOUSLY STUNNING. With a head filled with lush thick black hair and beautifully set Arabian eyes (yes kohl and all that…), I was meditating this morning and doing some important work for a client, when I felt her pop a thought in my head and explain it. She asked me to come and write this piece out before I forgot 🙂 I, interestingly enough always see her sitting close to the River Nile, a testament of her origins. She has told me things I cannot even practically dream of, workings of the world, the human race, how men and women operate, fine dining (yep, Bune is huge on fancy food lol), and seduction.


As I was meditating, I felt my lower body relax and I immediately saw money walking towards me. Some coins had legs, and they popped themselves in a wheelbarrow and were speeding along towards me. Finding this strange, I could smell strong rose parfum (Bune’s favourite) and I heard “Hello Sweetie”. I knew Bune was around me and wanted to share something. Bune is a huge fan of Buddha’s teachings of detachment — and how detachment brings us everything we truly desire, simply because the energy of anxiety isn’t present.


As my body relaxed, I came to realise of what a HUGE issue most women have when it comes to the enjoyment of sex, sexual arousal, and sexual pleasure. It comes as no surprise that in many religions, and cultures, women are encouraged to feel shame for feeling pleasure because it is the only way we can be “held down and controlled”. A woman freely and openly talking about sex, implies she’s cheap, low-class, and worst of all, available for the men to advance at like a hungry wolf after not being fed for a week. It then can turn, into a 180, and a woman being smutty about sex, because her heart chakra and her sacral has been damaged. It sort of reminds me of a woman too overtly sexual, and then a woman next to her, who cannot even begin to think of the word sex or pleasure, because it’s dirty “and something only men do”.


Now seeing that the secret of/to have money, is the HAVING — something King Clauneck often talks about, I thought to myself “well, it’s easier to enjoy yourself with a man when your body is relaxed”. Bune insisted most men don’t GET how a woman’s body requires relaxation in order to feel sexual pleasure, because well, male biology doesn’t need that. This is why men are out here doing the most, trying to buy 5 page manuals on how to get a woman to cum and please her, what does what where, only to MISS OUT the key bit.








For a woman, and every single woman who reads this, will agree — you cannot feel pleasure if you’re not relaxed. Us women are super switched on. The laundry, the kids, the housework, the this, the that. I encourage every woman to get into a strong habit of pouring a nice glass of wine (if you’re teetotal like me, something that suits you and helps — I personally use hot rose baths!) and find time for YOURSELF. I am a huge aficionado of self care, facials, nails, massages, eating lush food, fresh juice, going to the spa, getting a big box of chocolates (and eating them and praying I don’t become fat lol), working out, and dancing when I can.


Lady Bune insists women are made to feel guilty about receiving pleasure and nice things, hence receiving money becomes a problem.


We over-do it. We chase. We try and hunt something down instead of just giving someone time to BREATHE. Pushy energy when it comes to sex and money, is a huge no. Imagine someone trying to push you to give them money, or a man super frustrated that you haven’t come, yet.


Both energies are super off-putting. And it drives the actual aim away from you, because there is far too much pressure. Relax, find ways to relax out, and find pockets of time to LET GO. 


Duchess Bune, has often stressed the importance of attracting money, through receiving. Whilst this round will make more sense to the women reading it, it does not mean our Spartanite Men cannot learn equally.


You can be exceptionally determined, without feeling like you need to alienate everyone around you. Most women have low self worth, despite any facades you see on the outside. This is the reason that makeup, cosmetic surgery etc, are multi-billion dollar industries. I am not saying don’t use makeup, or don’t have surgery. If you so desire, have it. But don’t have it for reasons to cover up a gaping hole in your heart. Bune says in society, men are lauded and encouraged to talk about their sexual exploits, and through this free-flowing sexual energy, the money becomes easy to find and secure. Now, I am not saying, every man on this planet is good with money, in fact, many men have sexual blocks they don’t realise because they are ONLY sexual without connecting it to their emotions, which is equally as destructive.


Bune encourages all of us to welcome in all nice things, gifts, orgasms, smiles, a beautiful day, a nice drink, hot delicious food, wine, sleeping in, laughing until you cry and your ribs hurt — to allow the receipt of money to flow in. The Duchess asks you today :-


“What would I like to receive and how are my beliefs keeping me away from it?”


I designed Duchess Bune’s Feminine Ladylike Pendant filled with Courtesan grace and charm for Ladies that can be found here, dedicated an entire section to her wisdom here as well  — and also offer The Bune Cash Injection (on request)


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