Educating Ones Self In The Midst Of Widespread Ignorance

Proper Education, is often a disused key ; to opening vast swathes of doors that lie as ancient relics, gathering dust. 

Most people have no education or general understanding, through no fault of their own. In the Western World, schooling is allegedly free. Which in itself should raise suspicions like there was no tomorrow. What has worth, is worth paying for. In lieu of attending school both in and outside this country, I can willfully attest, that it is beyond dangerous to mistake yourself educated, if your education wasn’t paid for.  Universities in this country (the majority) — count into this diaspora, equally. Many years ago, I was an employer and I used to have to look at CV’s (resumes) that were e-mailed over to us or posted through the mail, and I used to sit there and wonder if I should laugh, cringe, or simply just not even bother hiring.

CV’s, FILLED with spelling mistakes (yes, we all notice), grammar, punctuation, and annotation; all missing and misused. People that showed up EATING to job interviews, who were only there because they wanted a paycheque etc. This comes from being poorly educated. In Western Society, it is imperative for the ruling classes to keep the general populace at the level of a factory worker. Both financially and Scholastically. That is — thinking in terms of hours, wages, lunch breaks and a “day off or 2”. The sheer exhaustion from a slave job, doesn’t allow for one to think of anything but eating, sleeping, and working. This allows people to become not only poor, financially, however poor in every other area of life. Even those on decent salaries, have this mentality. There is no desire to learn to educate one’s self, because of the poisonous food and drink that is put into children’s hands, of today.

I will never forget having lunch with a banker not too long ago, and as he was getting to know me, he immediately asked the question — “Where did you study?” with a quizzical look that over the years, I have found many giving me. I shared with him my answer and he replied “well that explains a lot. I was impressed reading your work. It didn’t look like a dog had slobbered all over it and it didn’t sound piss poor.”. I remembered asking him different things and he told me how important it was to raise children who were properly educated and had access to opportunities that most kids don’t receive.

When an individual, isn’t properly educated — it shows in their mannerisms, their outlook to life, and the way they carry themselves. Not only that, it signifies what type of life they will live and furthermore; if they will possess any aspirations to move forwards. I am often AMAZED to see how little people know about life and the world because they possess zero incentive to travel, to read books, and for the western men of today — to put their phone down away from naked paid whores, for the most part — and perhaps educate themselves further. Apathy, due to substances such as Mercury and Fluoride, have caused the average individual to be completely disinterested in the burning, rotting world around them.

Irrespective of your education levels reading this, you should always strive to Self Educate. Education is a form of Antidote; an antidote to the viruses of stupidity, ignorance, and clueless behaviour — that will often cost you, your freedom, not to mention your life. I once had a client who thought I had 6 degrees (or something), only for me to tell her I don’t possess a single one and I am a University dropout. Formal education, for the most part – doesn’t do much, especially when it is state -sponsored deliberate disinformation. Discover history, understand geography, and strive to understand how this world works, before someone with ulterior motives, comes and tells you things about migrants, immigrants, this race, and those bunch of people. Don’t get caught up in the Hegelian diatribe of this versus that.

Do better.

Become a critical thinker, and emerge sovereign in your perception of this world. 

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