Embracing Femininity : On Rejecting Cancerous Feminism, The Masculine Woman & Struggles With Men

Feminism is a topic that I rarely bother writing on, because the whole concept is trash and needs to be chucked in the bin. Any anti-family political de facto that encourages a woman to become hostile, bitter, arrogant, and juvenile in her life, isn’t something that any Spartanite would embrace. Not to mention rude to decent, worthwhile men, and trading their womb for a career. I have never understood the bitter dark out-of-date coffee that Feminism serves up, it tastes disgusting, vile, and a person wants to throw up after tasting it. It was created by the Cabal, as a way to break down healthy functioning hetro-sexuality, marriage, the family unit and of course, to tax us women when we got into the workforce.

It is a movement that encourages women to behave like a man, disregard they are a woman, and then make said “women” miserable, bitter, masculine and absolutely repulsive to a man. This post is very much based on my life views, including travelling to many countries, and speaking with different people. Feminine energy is quite peaceful and calm. It isn’t loud mouthed, sassy, bossy, crazy, mentally ill, deranged, argumentative and hostile. Which most women of today sadly, are.

They are Arrogant and Annoying. 

I came to intimately understand the masculine woman’s mind and a man’s natural disgust and repulsion for her being, after deeply embracing Femininity. It is the same as a woman feels, witnessing excessive feminine energy in a man. Disgusted and sickened. Feminists, atypically think I am a stupid woman who doesn’t “quite understand Feminism” . “Feminism is equality for us, women. It means we have to be treated equally” — they cry and chant over and over again. I, for one as a Spartanite, have no interest to be treated “equal to a man”. I am not a man, and do not appreciate being spoken to, or treated like one. Being treated with kindness, and respect–comes quite easily when you’re not trying to emasculate a man with your venom. Masculine Women have an innate need to dominate, and control — as a man would, because they have rejected their own Femininity a long time ago. Feminism sold them the lie that women are weak, and we need to “muscle up” and beat men at their own game. I am all for misguided women doing that with their arrogance, it’s just sad to watch the end result.

Men have become emasculated through overbearing, hyper-sexualized, and aggravating behaviours —on that ;both feminine women and masculine men, avoid masculine women. Western Countries, are generally very hardened and masculine and masculine energy is all about survival.

There is a strong balance between masculine and feminine energy. As a Spartanite, I have very powerful masculine energy to even have got to this point with the brand, but I do not carry masculine energy inside me–as a way of life. I use masculine energy for every day business decision making, for life generally, however I do not feel to carry the negative traits of being irritating, combative and DISMISSIVE. All masculine women are dismissive and ready to fight, should you even tell them a hair is out of place. Masculine women, as men oft do– have HUGE, fragile egos. To a Masculine Man, this is absolutely disgusting. Hence masculine men aren’t seen anywhere around masculine women, or at best they may be a friend to them or a one night stand. It goes back to the Boss Bitch mentality that a friend and I, often discuss. That is hardened, nasty, masculine energy.

There is NO amount of pretending to be feminine when your face looks like a mug shot straight out of the local county jail. And that’s what most women’s faces of today sadly, look like.


Being a Feminine woman, takes a lot of practice — in society where women have become classless, disposable, disgusting, and cheap. It takes manners, and elegance to carry yourself properly and not like the town bike. To any woman actively choosing to work on their Femininity, when you practice more feminine behaviour, you will not be able to be around masculine women. Due to their incessant nature to control and push people — their dating and relationship patterns; will become evident to you. This post alone will trigger many women who want to be “smart, independent”, and whatever other annoying phrases Feminism has brought us. You can easily be Smart and Independent — and do it with grace and elegance.

There is no need to be a bitch. I say this openly because for most women do not realise there is an option to be worldly, smart, and well – balanced, without emasculating, bossing, and pushing yourself — and wondering why everything you chase, runs away. I once spoke to a very sharp lady spirit and she said to me “Nadia, there are no problems in life. Simply perspectives of them”.

Change your perspective and your life changes.

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 PS : No nasty Feminist comments please — I already receive enough bitter, hostile, and hate mail from women who chose to hate themselves and attract people who follow suit. I understand what it feels like to be hurt, betrayed, and abandoned by immoral, predatory, and, abusive men. It doesn’t still warrant your hatred for others. Please do the work inside to heal your heart. Hurting people, hurt other people.