Embracing The Process To Entrepreneurial + Life Success

I believe that one of the major situations that allowed me to be free, independent and truly live a life of design, was going through THE PROCESS.

Going through the process, allowed me to find myself and to take on the feminine battle scars of pursuing your dream, as how God intended for me to do. The process is what the modern individual runs away from. I remember speaking to a guy I know, who has undergone the same mental challenges and trauma of Complex Trauma, like myself— and yet, he is still in stuck consciousness, because he is UNWILLING TO FACE the REAL ISSUE, which is hiding from himself.

As life unravels, my dear Spartanite, Success will ask what dues have you paid and how so. She will demand the bank balances, the statements and the timestamps of it. She will make you bleed, sweat and slog for her glory, which means you cannot cheat her, neither her adversaries. As an Entrepreneur, every day is game time for us. Every day, we are dealing with a life of design, a life of a calling and choosing. A life where we CHOSE to be in the driver’s seat. Embracing the process, means that for that shiny end result you want, there are 10,000 things you will need to complete not to your liking in order to get there.

I have done many things that were part of my Entrepreneurial PROCESS.

I have worked a tonne of minimum wage jobs, written for content mills, driven from one side of the City to another for a small job, tiny, small, paltry things that TODAY, when I look back on my own life, add up. Without this PROCESS, you cannot become the Entrepreneur you are meant to be. Spirit ALWAYS has a plan for us. In the midst of a storm, we cannot see it. I have worked so many low end salons and spas and minimum wage places—infact, some didn’t even pay me and just threw me out–and I left in tears, driving on the way home. That is part of my story unequivocally.

Those who do not sweat in training, bleed badly in battle. I am able to face ALL the challenging situations with grace and ease today, because when I was drop kicked into a burning lake of infernal fire, I quickly taught myself how to swim. Even when I was being burnt alive. That baptism by fire, is why I am the woman I am today.

Spartanite, the premise of who you are means, that NO ONE is going to come and save you.

I am a woman. I, of course have had moments where I have wanted someone to help, soothe my wounds and just have a shoulder to cry on. I had no one and I quickly learned that I better learn to patch up my own wounds and stitch up a bleeding psyche and heart, before I die. Please do not be AFRAID of this PROCESS.

I know it hurts like hell. I know you’re going to want to quit. I know you’re going to want to even die, at some part of the dark night of the soul process. This is a process that no one is meant to help you through, because it is a soul test. And the requirement bar is HIGH. Only you can summon the strength that lies within the reservoir of your soul, when you don’t feel like you can go any further. In order to lead others, in other to sit with their pain and dispense guidance to heal their wounds—you must have endured the PROCESS.

Millions of people die every day, and barely any, are remembered, for CONTRIBUTION.

As part of the Spartanite Legacy, do your best and do your bit, to empower, encourage, educate and inspire those who can benefit from you. We have a select amount of time in this incarnation on the planet, make it your best <3

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, below ­čÖé