Embracing Wealth Consciousness by Matrix Repatterning

Working with the Occult Eye (Third Eye), is crucial to being able to create powerful Wealth Consciousness, in an ethical, sustainable way that doesn’t go around profiting from other people’s misery nor take advantage of others.

The very reason it is so hard to make and hold onto money is because the Cabal (your ruling masters) have imprinted magickal codes onto the printing plates where money is printed from. The paper I mean. With those living in countries where the notes have turned to polymer plastic, this polymer has black magick embedded into it to make you spend it quickly, hence you stay broke permanently. I often watch people’s money habits and the magick that has been cast over humanity through the Umam Sanctum at the Vatican, allows each individual at birth to be taken as a commodity and to be dead at sea (Maritime Admiralty Law) instead of a living, sovereign being. Lest I get too deep into the arcane Law based courts, let me proceed onto the Topic Du Jour — Wealth Consciousness by Matrix Repatterning.

Money in itself, as I have ascribed — is an energy. It is nothing but. Just behave how a wealthy person BEHAVES and naturally your mind will align with opportunities. People in poverty see barriers, people out of it, see opportunities. The axiom, is effectively simple. A bottle of Moet Chandon tastes better than cheaper quality champagne, because by Natural Financial Law, the higher the price tag on something as Clauneck often states, the more enjoyment and experience one can glean from the place in time. Money buys you ACCESS to things that a lack of money doesn’t, and most people know this. My old Occult mentor once said to me, “the day you taste life WITH money, good luck EVER going back to what you knew.“. I gave his theory a trial. It was true. I was perpetually ruined. I tried it with flying Economy, Business, & First Class. I tried it with cars. I tried it with food. and I got his point.

So how do you work with Matrix Repatterning?

An average life, or train of thought teaches you to look at the COST of something. Which is how most people operate. The line “It’s too expensive” and “I cannot afford it”, is the very reason that most people cannot receive anything nice.

Let me explain. For instance, one books a flight in Economy class. The seats are tiny, squishy, the food is served a certain way, it feels cramped and nauseating. So you are perhaps offered an upgrade to Business. One person would take it. The other wouldn’t. Of course depending if you had the money, I appreciate that. That EXPERIENCE in Business, will make it hard for you to go back to Economy. With a soft mattress, reclining bed, variety of foods on offer, nicer service by flight attendants, complimentary airport pickup and transfers, in-lounge dining etc etc — the real challenge is the MENTALITY. It is what is going on upstairs, is what determines what happens on the outside. It is MUCH easier to upgrade from Business to First because there isn’t much difference. But Economy to Business? WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE. The one who rejects the upgrade in the first part, is basically rejecting abundance. It is often quite true that you cannot take most people anywhere nice or give them anything expensive, because they freak out and don’t know how to accept it.

When you are learning to maintain a wealth vibration, you have to esoterically understand that everything around you emits a poverty or abundance energy. And you have to deal with it, ONE BY ONE. Most people want to go the whole hog. They want the boat, the car, the house, the whatever you can imagine because THAT is what THEY have been, in no uncertain terms told — is what Success SHOULD LOOK LIKE. I am a Successful lady and I don’t wear designer togs and run around on the street. I shop at the same places I did, irrespective of what I make, financially. As long as you know how to train your mind to receive OPPORTUNITIES, money and a better lifestyle will be able to find you, undoubtedly. Start with cleaning up your debt, maintaining a healthy hold over your finances, and then slowly begin investing in luxury items. They are not extravagant or “much”. Those very items hold the vibration for you to be able to bring more into your life because as I said, each of them, is giving off an energy.

Which is why you can easily appear wealthy when you’re not and conceal your wealth, based on your clothes and garments you select. True Wealth is very slow and steady. Most people are looking to make a LOT of money very quickly, so that they can effectively deter and avoid handling and dealing with it, on an intimate level. This is why they consistently struggle with it. It is almost COMICAL to see someone wanting to make 10K (pick your own currency) a week, when they cannot even make that in a month. Or make it in a month, when they struggle to make HALF of it and moreover, keep it. “You cannot handle any amount of money, if you cannot even handle a pound/dollar/euro/yen etc etc first” — Belvia always reminds me this. Money is built in SLOW increments, as the brain becomes accustomed to receiving money, the natural bar can be raised up and increased to bring more in. It is of no relevance what you make in financial terms. What is relevant is what you get to keep and furthermore, what you get to invest in. I often look at people, who on paper –covet and salivate at the idea of making 6 or 7 figures because it’s what THEY THINK will make them relevant to others (deep seated insecurities here), and when you come to see what they are actually doing, the story is very different.

In a nutshell, Matrix Repatterning, is SLOWLY adjusting to what you want and taking baby steps to get there.

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