Emotional Leeches & Holding Boundaries To Keep Them Out

If you’re not careful, emotional leeches will destroy your life faster than you can have your 6th cup of coffee at 8 am, and wonder why you still feel dead.

Bar a cup of Java (for those of you who have preferences for it), leeches are everywhere. 95% of people in the world, are leeches, and I don’t state this lightly. Those who possess personal magnetism and magickal charm, face this malady the most.  Nefarious People (Predators, Leeches, Abusers etc), will benefit from you, the less of a boundary you have. It truly does not matter how brilliant you are, if you struggle with boundaries; you struggle with life.

NO, is a complete sentence, in itself. Do not chase, nag, beg, or plead.

Personally, when I say no to something, and I say it OFTEN; someone is often expecting me to give a reason. I don’t.

I often say no, because it isn’t worth my TIME. Time is the most valuable commodity a human being is gifted on this planet, I most certainly don’t have time to listen to people’s stupidity, drama, ignorance, and negativity. Tying into the previous blog post, Stop saying yes to shit you hate — holding boundaries, will save your life. My own life looks a million times different to what it was, because I removed a lot of leeches from my life in every area. In my professional life, I stopped giving time to places/people/circumstances — where I received nothing back. In my personal life, the effect was candid and obvious.

A boundary means a line. A line someone cannot cross.

People will not know your boundaries, till they try and step forward and with your actions, they do not have access to your energy any longer. High Vibrational Access does not come free of charge, and then too, doesn’t give you access because you have paid off something. I will never forget a woman who wanted me to mentor her and had the full sum of the mentoring investment ready but her attitude was bossy and selfish. I simply mentioned I didn’t feel she was a fit for Spartanite work, and she threw a hissy fit demanding my time because she had a full 5 figures to pay. I let her know that I wasn’t desperate for her money, or anyone else’s for that matter — that I needed to put up with her shitty, entitled attitude.

Stop allowing people to take advantage of you, because you cannot say no often and fast enough.

You do not need reasons to pride yourself and honour yourself with strong self-care and set yourself on fire, to keep another person warm. You would be doing more damage enabling someone’s BS, than calling them out on and then letting them figure out. People will be quick to label you as rude, when they cannot profit or benefit from your free energy any longer. I have seen this instance far too many times. Helping others, is a good thing. More of us SHOULD be doing our duties and responsibilities to be a productive member of society. However, where they are charitable people doing a good job, by defacto; the leeches show up. The best example I provide, is the Welfare state. Welfare, in itself; is a very good safety net. No one starves, goes hungry, and is always taken care of. Isn’t that amazing?

BUT OF COURSE, because it supports kindness and understanding — it NATURALLY attracts victims, leeches, predators, and those who don’t want to be self-sufficient. The state has practically ended up bankrupt because people are far too lazy and stuck in their victim mentalities, to change their life. Most people do not want to change their life. They prefer their sob story whining and being negative, instead of doing something to solve their actual problem. Most people expect you always to be there, always listen, always help, always do something, but God Forbid YOU actually asked them for anything in life. They will by defacto, have nothing to give because a leech can only take, it has nothing of it’s own to actually give.

Relationships, Marriages, Friendships, Business Partnerships, Client Relations — all of them are a TWO WAY STREET. Stop giving your energy, money, time, and resources, to people who do not have respect for them, squander them, and do not help you in return. If you struggle with boundaries, I would highly recommend our Predator Blocker Bracelets in our Store, that will assist you to put your guards up against people who want to do nothing but hurt, take, and destroy you.

You deserve better. 

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