Entrepreneurship, Excuses & Excellence

Christmas is fast approaching us, and when I often leave my house for variant reasons, to shop, go out socialising, spending time with clients — I am always being taught lessons when it comes to the Excuses vs Excellence debate. I have seen this dichotomy play out so many times, that it is of major assistance of me to always characterize lessons out of it and use them as blog fodder on the odd sparkly occasion.

Eating some fruit earlier on today and reading a book on the Mongol Empire, I turned to King Clauneck on a fairly empty train and asked him why people do not achieve success in general. The answer struck me in a way that I almost answered myself. Clauneck insisted that lack of Success, is due to excuse making and whining about things in general. Yes, hard times can and will befall anyone. It is how an individual chooses to regroup out of that place, is all what makes the difference. Most people choose to be unsuccessful, because they choose to make decisions that are not in alignment with being Successful — Emotionally, Financially, Mentally and Holistically. He remarked that most people don’t have the basic understanding of Economics 101 and far from professionally studying it, understanding the psyches and mental capacities of people and how they behave, alone can teach you this without paying a pretty penny for it.

In my life personally, when someone says they aren’t where they want to be; there are one of two options. Either they are working towards that goal, or they are not. Most times often, they are not. If there is ONE thing Entrepreneurship does not allow, is for laziness. Let the self help gurus who want to profit of people’s colossal stupidity and ignorance keep preaching that you don’t need to work hard to make money. That’s just advocating laziness. There is working hard and combining it with working smart. Working hard is NECESSARY, to financial freedom, independence, and upward mobility, so you can up and leave — should there be political unrest, misery, or you cannot flat out stand your situation any longer. I find it amusing and comical to hear how people wish to lounge around on a 4 hour work week, and believe they can become a millionaire or whatever else that is assimilated with Financial Meritocracy. If you have to worry about “making money”; just wait until you have to start working to hold on to keeping it.

Keeping money, is the life long lesson that Entrepreneurship teaches us. The ability to position one’s mentality for strong Self-Discipline, is something that is rarely taught as it is a skill that is hard acquired and one cannot crack open a textbook with a paperweight in tow, to solidify the lesson. In my eyes, Discipline originates from focus and clarity of Life Direction. Those who do not possess the latter, cannot possess the former. When people struggle with Discipline in any area, especially financial, it speaks of a lack of control over their own emotions. Many people make excuses as to why they are not financially successful and yet when you look at their habits, they are all back to front. Entrepreneurship, isn’t a glorious cheat-code option to making large amounts of money. It is about creating items, products, services, experiences –shall we say; more valuable than money.

A person ONLY chooses to pay you when what you are offering is MORE VALUABLE THAN THE MONEY IN THEIR BANK OR WALLET.

This is exactly why a lot of people who may have ambition, may not become financially independent through the items they sell–because what they are selling either is priced inadequately for their target audience (too much or too little), as well as having little to no VALUE that anyone wishes to buy. Indeed, what has worth, is worth paying for. People make assumptions about your business, based on your prices–flat out. There are rituals I can perform for 5 figure sums upwards, and some I can perform for £500 and people will ALWAYS assume the 5 figure sum holds more value. Which it does. Clauneck, as an Old god, holds astoundingly accurate merit when it comes to the investment once asks of another. Which is why it is common to hear something marked up in price, as cheap and overpriced, because the querent in question; did not see the value.

I had someone once say to me “your bracelets are day light robbery.“. I had another say “For the value you provide, it is time to raise the rate“. Each person was correct in their assessment of the item, and yet the first one saw a bracelet, the second one a luxury piece of art adorning a wrist replete with a life changing ritual that I took over 3 years to perfect. A ritual I got wrong on my own Self, many times, setting me back, before I placed the final planetary threads to polish it, to even sell.

Perception is key.

You can either have excuses about why something hasn’t, didn’t, or cannot happen. Or you can choose Excellence.

As long as you hate a Successful person, you can never become one.

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