Entrepreneurship, Self-Care & Honouring Your Body

Self-Care, is a topic that few people in the Entrepreneurial worlds, want to pay attention to.


There is no bigger wealth than health, and I, implore anyone NOT to trick and tempt fate to find this out the hard way.


I have seen many people go down this gauntlet, I had to go down this myself and speaking with experience, no one and nothing will die when you take time for yourself. In a world that explictly teaches you to DISHONOUR YOUR BODY, refuse this programming. In an Entrepreneurial culture that keeps you pushing and pushing until your body exhausts itself, take time to rest, eat, and sleep. And do all the above, properly. In many ambitious people’s minds, self-care is seen as laziness. One day, I decided to take out a paper pad and some crayons, and use a different colour to trace down the root cause of this issue. I had a lot of fun with the scribbles and doodles.


The results I tuned into, were incredible.


Self-care is seen as laziness, in a place that rewards hard work. Who doesn’t want to work hard and persistently; at something they truly, love?


Every Entrepreneurially minded person does.


The cause, however, goes much deeper. If you feel you cannot sit somewhere or rest without frantically working on more things, the more being anything; Houston, we have a problem. I looked back at my own workaholic patterns and deeply realised it came from a lack of true worth, peace, and happiness. I was in a lower matrix of the “doing mode” (masculine energy). It is very normal to see a man behave this way and even men need to rest and honour their body, however when I see women do it, I know it’s not long before they are going to become apathetic, depressed, and teary one morning over breakfast. Building your business and maintaining it, should not come at the expense of your health. It should not come at the expense of you not being able to eat, or being able to sleep or create time for others. Yes, when you first begin a company; it WILL BE MANIC. Make no mistake about that. It is taking care of a new born baby.


Life changing and Intense. 


The sweetness of doing nothing, will be terrifying at first. Entrepreneurs, are naturally driven people (or they wouldn’t do what they do). So we are consistently finding something to plug in the gap “to do”. If it is not this, it’s that. If it’s not a new campaign, it’s talking to a team member at 10pm. If it’s not checking your dashboard for daily sales, it’s thinking where else to invest the money. The brain never stops. The trouble with all this, is that it causes neurological inflammation and furthermore, it DISCONNECTS you from the right things that show up in FLOW for your life. Peace and anxiety do not mix. I often look back to many years ago, and wonder how in the hell people tolerated my manic and frantic energy when they were calm. Anxiety not only rattles you, it rattles EVERYONE around you and makes THEM feel nervous. Especially if someone is Spiritually sensitive.


So what is the best way to take care of yourself and how do we structure it into our life?


1.Every morning, meditation or not — tell yourself that you love yourself. This is not a quick “grab and bag” analogy. Be patient with yourself and take at least 10 mins to sink into your body and appreciate this body you have been given. It doesn’t matter WHAT you look like and what negative programming comes up in your head. Just maintain the Love for yourself and experience gratitude. Over time, you will see things shift for you.


2. Create time to eat properly. You don’t have to spend hours that you don’t have trying to do this, however be mindful that your DNA is consistently nourished or rejected by your food. What are you saying to yourself and your body when you eat? Are you mindful for the food you eat and (again), are you GRATEFUL? Drink water and maintain hydration. If possible, you can stick words on paper that you wish to radiate in your life on your water bottle. Water is intelligence and absorbs ANYTHING you command it to. Love, Healing, Beauty, Radiance, Abundance, Money, Wealth, Happiness, Peace, Gratitude, Power, Clarity — are some of the examples I have on my own water supply at home. I drew 2 beautiful red roses and one huge red heart on a paper and wrapped it on my water bottle and within 10 days, I had someone randomly stop me on my street, outside the bank saying “you know what, you remind me of a red rose, you’re glowing!”. I didn’t take this as co-incidence 🙂 There is huge research done on this and many books on it!


3. Sleep. Sleep is NOT a luxury. Don’t bullshit yourself on this. When you mess up your Circadian and REM sleep cycles, it isn’t long before things like joint pain, inflammation and other variant conditions begin showing up in the body. When we sleep, our body who loves us, has time to repair our cells and tend to us. I have had days where my sleep has been messed up due to long haul flight jet-lag, crossing multiple time zones, illness, and meeting deadlines for work. I paid the price for it. And I have watched others do the same. Sleep is VITAL and imperative. Your ambition should not be the reason you are sacrificing your health and your sleep. Do not do the disservice of dishonouring your body, because your company WILL be there the next morning, and so will your clients. I promise you this, with experience.


Rome isn’t built in one day, and neither is your business. Every single day, ensure that you’re doing something to move towards your goals. 


Oh and — if something isn’t working the way you want it to and gets in the way between the relationship of THE SELF — feel free to set it on fire. Set it alight and burn anything in the way.


Because THAT is Self-Care too 🙂


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I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Only The Strong Survive.