Escaping The Frequency Prison Of “Social Media”

Social Media, is Anti-Social.

Let us begin our number with that, today. 

Unknown to the modern man/woman, vain, arrogant, and ignorant — as one can be in real time, the elite have engineered something called Social Media, in guise of keeping the human chattel connected through “timelines”. Through LERM which is the Electromagnetic Hertz, one comes to realise that all human beings are by DEFAULT on a time line of misery, sadness, and lack. This is no where more evident than in the worldwide widespread abuse of humans, children, and animals. It has become increasingly simple to trap the average human in a mind maze of games, nonsensical stupidity, and of course — the favourite, FEAR.

Fear is a magnetic field and with the timeline most are on, it is simply fear of abundance, fear of never having enough, and fear in general. Even myself. I am not immune to the scalar wave vibrations pumped into the air day and night, when fear takes a hold of me — I check in with my Solar Plexus Chakra, to see if it is something I should be concerned about, or not. Social Media has become an INSTRUMENTAL TOOL of stupidity, idiocy, lunacy and the utter degeneration of mankind, especially women. One cannot log into any platform without seeing naked women prostituting themselves, plague as it has become. Women of today are esteemed highly, the more whorish and cheap they present themselves, by hungry sex -crazed –porn addicted “men” of today’s engineered society.

There are few people who will be able to retain any type of Sanity in the years to come. Man has become a woman, woman has become a man, left has become right, and things one would never imagine or dare to see, have become not only legal but promoted. Bookmark this blog post for later return for the abuse of children is soon going to become legal in-front of your very eyes, with many European countries already lowering the consent age to 14. That is child’s play. All the horrors they hide behind closed doors, things that I cannot bear to imagine and process in my 3rd eye, let alone write it — risking a complete wipe of everything I have every constructed and leaving my readers heaving for throw up buckets — are soon to come to light. More and more things are being unraveled by the day, and with Venus Retrograde, the planet of luxury, money, beauty, and love — we get to see many things that are interesting during this period of time.

Many truths will emerge to the surface. 

Social Media has been instrumental and continues to be the fastest surveillance platform in the universe, currently. Do NOT use Social Media platforms unless absolutely necessary. And even then, LIMIT YOUR TIME. Your Chi/Prana/Lifeforce, is what they want. Stop fucking feeding the losers, timewasters, abusers, predators, and trolls. Focus as much as you can on LOVE energy and meditate as much as your free time allows you. The Mandela Effect is real, it is happening is real time before your eyes — and it is set to get only goodness knows how much worse.  Personally, I rarely bother with those channels. I hop onto reply messages and I am out. The quality of my life has increased ever since I left Fuckbook and deleted my account with a hard wipe from it. You can absolutely transform your timeline in your life through our Regal Aura Cleanses,but it takes a great amount of conscious awareness, understanding, and ability to process higher intelligence which is why they keep poisoning you day and night (water, food, air, etc) so you can NEVER break out of it.

Ladies reading this — please cover your body and dress DECENTLY. It isn’t just men staring at your body and watching you. Many astral entities are highly attracted to women’s naked bodies and with most men of today possessed through Pornography, is there any wonder why so many women have become troubled of mind? Let the 7 figure “gurus” and savvy business people keep telling you to pour all your energy into these platforms, and you will soon come to realise how drained and sick you feel. A client of mine recently had an Aura Cleanse and said she deleted both her Fuckbook and IG platforms because she saw them for what they are. These platforms emanate fields to capture your attention and use it as CURRENSEA (currency) for data mining. Frequency Prisons are real, and most people are trapped in them in real time.

As they say, if it’s free — you’re the product.

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