Esoteric Entrepreneurship — Hacking The Matrix Through Occult + Financial Knowledge

Esoteric Entrepreneurship, will put you light years ahead of even the most successful, wealthy, and, accomplished person in Business. It helps you see what the most brilliant person, often misses. There is no hiding with Occult knowledge for the Occult simply means hidden, itself. Don’t let doublespeak confuse your brain any more than it has been done.


Many people believe that the Matrix was a movie. This is incorrect. There are scenes shown within that documentary, that is pretty much back to back what is happening on the planet, has been happening since the Age of Aquarius rolled around (about 2 decades back) and what human beings can as a race, learn to expect. You are absolutely born into a prison you cannot see and are deliberately made ignorant of, and if atleast ONE of your parents doesn’t walk the Esoteric/Occult path — only your own curiosity, can save you by this point. I encourage all those who walk the realms of Entrepreneurship, to dedicate a portion of their time to studying Esoterica/Occult — if you don’t wish to walk it yourself, that is fine. But the mere understanding of it, will help you tremendously.


It comes as no surprise that we live in a Binary World. Man, Woman. Salt, Pepper. Day, Night. Hot, Cold. White, Black. The list can go on endlessly. Through this duality, as above so below, has never been more relevant. Many people live in this binary due to imbalance. They think they should be exceptionally accomplished in the mundane (worldly) sense. So they become so. They are still firmly stuck in those matrix currents (where the name of the documentary style movie comes from). There are certain “currents” people travel in and until you forceably upgrade your frequency, life vibrates at that reality. Between the houses, cars, and, accolades — they lack the knowledge of their own self and hence their mind (no matter how much “mindset” work is performed), remains in a place that I affectionally address as, “stuck consciousness”.


They are stuck on being stuck. Perhaps they move up levels in socio-economic ranks however they will STILL believe the narrative that is put out there despite whatever digging they do, because their programming has not been shattered as of yet. Many Entrepreneurs, fall into this category. Financially well off –and yet, should they come into contact with someone with an abundance of this knowledge, it either helps them or harms them. They make the decision upon that.


It reminds me of a beautiful woman. A radiant face will take you very far, but it won’t keep you in the room after it opened the door for you. That only your character, can do. Nonetheless, the power of beauty — should never be underestimated 🙂


Then we have those who are abundant in Occult Knowledge and have serious issues when it comes to money, it’s handling, procurement, and, knowledge of it. So hence, they cannot translate that knowledge into what is tangible in this world.




So they get on their high horse and say nasty and mean things about money. The matrix I speak of, isn’t per se the docu-movie most have watched. It is an actually sway of “currents” that people are living in. Knowledge is a direct form of currency because it can be converted into such. If you have an plethora of walking these currents in the Occult and cannot turn it into cold hard cash quite fast, you’re lacking the business organisation, savvy, and skill which is wise to be able to discover and develop, upon.


The truth is that both occult and financial education, makes for a formidable Entrepreneur because both spears are interchangable behind your shield. It is not wise to be caught out needing to access one form of collateral and currency, whilst needing the other. Both money and Occult knowledge, will help you leverage and pull major strings in life. Money, without any introduction (of course), — gives you access to higher statospheres and those who reside in it. The occult knowledge, can often take you there minus you qualifying. I have personally worked with fellow Entrepreneurs to bend, wrinkle, reverse, fast forward, and, collapse time — to get them what they desire. We don’t have the time to fuck around and wait for things to come to us and we don’t also have the propensity to try and jump on everything whilst exhausting valuable energy. Next step?


Bend time. 


Time is a man made construct. All things can be manifested if you get into alignment with them. Alignment simply means you’re an energy match for it. You can narrow something down. You can delay it. Being able to possess access to money and use the Occult roulette to make the right decisions, will save you from months, upon years of hell, wrong decisions, and hidden naivety in business that even the most successful, can fall prey, to. No human is infalliable, not even myself. Part of the work I do, allows you to manifest your end goal minus exerting ALL the energy a person needs to exert from a mismatched vibrational level. I have done it for myself, Spartanite is living proof of it, and I am always excited to do it for someone such as yourself. Nothing makes me happier to see people’s lives transform and change in very short amounts of time, saving them time, headache, and, hassle trying to figure it all out by themselves!


The one thing I wish to conclude this on, is this.


Time is NOT LINEAR. When I choose to help people, I don’t bear time in mind. I bear what the desired end goal is, and work backwards from there.


Since time (chimea) is not linear as most people think it is, you can meet someone you saw a year ago and feel it was yesterday. That is because realistically, it was. I have photos of myself 4 years ago, that were “photos of the future” of me 5 years from NOW (make that 9 year quantum jump). It used to bother me significantly how I saw the future self of me, in a past photo. When it fully dawned upon me that time is not linear and you can absolutely bring into your life what YOU desire and make your dreams come true, really — sky is the limit. I have used this understanding at an airport where my bags “went missing” and “off the system” to get the bag at 1am in my hotel room the next morning as it went through 2 different airport points where it should have absolutely been lost.


On a side note, in Esoteric Entrepreneneurship — don’t try to understand Occult & Magickal knowledge from a logical standpoint. It is useless.


I have a wonderful client who wrote to me once stating that she purchased a ring from me. It was a fast offer that I was encouraged to place out on our store, and she invested in one. Months went by, I was concerned I never heard anything and wondered if she was okay. It turns out she was able to afford a shiny new house through the currents on the ring, with NO REAL LOGICAL TANGIBLE CONCRETE FINANCIAL EVIDENCE that she should “have been able to”. Money doesn’t only obey it’s own laws, The Occult realm provides access to a slightly different set of rules to override the command programming to allow things to manifest that seem IMPOSSIBLE to a normal person who doesn’t walk this way (or doesn’t teach it).


Dream very big, aim high, and be strategic with your goals. 


And don’t forget, Spiritual and Financial go together. Balance is key in this world. Balance is your true key out of the prison planet you’re locked into, currently. Be ambitious, bring in your money, and, pair it with the knowledge they keep from you.


PS : I know tonnes of you have asked me “so what next?” in light of current times. Let’s just say the financial gap will widen more, and they want to grab as many liberties as possible because the human race is getting harder to herd up and control. Tonnes of volatility on the markets, metals will rise more, Crypto will have it’s own fluctuations and entire communities, business, supply chains will collapse. You are already watched, imagine the more intrusive non-humane versions of it as we proceed along. Just be careful of the food you eat. Not all that glitters, is gold. Not all that looks like food, is such.