I was hoping I would never need to write this on my blog, not now, and not ever. 


Sometimes having spiritual senses and sight, is the biggest curse of a person’s life. In this instance, it surely was. This was the one time I remember thinking “I just don’t want to feel anymore. I am exhausted of this world”. And I love my gift. So that should remark the grievance of what I felt.


June 2019


I hoped last summer when I woke up one Saturday, getting ready to go to an event in a coffee shop in Mayfair where many people used to congregate on a late Saturday morning and grab a drink at a breakfast table, that what I was shown, wasn’t true. But in my heart I knew it was.


And I knew it was a matter of time before I saw it in the flesh.


From the walk from the station to the coffee shop, was about 10 mins. On that Saturday, I couldn’t avoid what was shown to me anymore.  I stood in the corner of a shop and held the wall, my head was spinning. It came in so fast, I was dizzy.


I saw dead bodies lying everywhere in my mind’s eye. Some of the humans were literally nothing but skeletons that walked? But these Central London streets are empty? Where ARE these people? Why is this place all dead? I saw horrendous flashes of people’s organs chewed on, put in jars, and other things that I just going to refrain from writing because I don’t know people’s tolerance levels and most people haven’t got the mettle to withstand the truth.


People were looking at me funny. I quickly tried to wipe my tears away (and they wouldn’t stop flowing) and popped into the Ladies of a nearby department store to fix my face, so that the host of the event wouldn’t ask me what was wrong when I walked in. One lady in the department store asked if I had, had a breakup with a guy, and hence I was crying. I shook my head no and said “nothing to do with that”. I had no words to say to her. She would never understand. She was sweet and empathetic and thought I had personal issues. She gave me a hug and it was a heartbreaking one. Like the one where you know someone will die but you just cannot tell them.


The host is a lovely man, and I didn’t want him to sit there and feel concerned. I didn’t want to sit amidst everyone and look crazy and have a million questions asked to me. I tried not to look at anyone when they spoke to me and I was late in reaching the event. He was already busy speaking to the group and I tried to give everyone a wide smile when I walked in. I remember feeling so disorientated, I didn’t know what to say at the table, so I sat quietly. I kept hoping what I saw wasn’t true. I felt a blood curdling chill in my body through my green shirt and my legs were frozen in the skirt I was wearing. Some other attendees asked me things of Spartanite, I was struggling to answer.


Nine Months. That’s all you have….You will see it in 9 months.


March 2020


Fifth Generation is finally here. 


I didn’t know how far they would stretch it out. But it’s here. And I don’t know what to tell people that won’t scare the daylights of the sleeping masses. But it’s here. And this virus you see, is the cover up for it. I am a fairly young woman. Young enough to be considered fairly young, old enough to be taken seriously in both personal and professional stratas. And I fear for many things. I know most humans are beyond hope as I write this. It makes me sad, but what can you do? They aren’t even human any longer. We will have to leave them where they are.


So if you are HUMAN and your psychic/spiritual senses are still intact, and you’re not a mindless mentally retarded sheep — I ask you to arm yourself and take all the spiritual and physical defense possible. We are banding together to help each other, because against the non-human intelligences, we are ALL we have left. 


Mobilizing what we do know, humanity is welcoming in a kill-grid that will simply cook people to death. But the zombies want “faster internet”. I fear for all pregnant mothers, little babies, elderly people, I fear for many things. And anyone who knows me, knows that fear doesn’t exist in my world. I hoped I would never ever have to write down half the things that are shown to me when I meditate, when I sleep, when I perform ritual work. But we are at times where people are going to walk to their own demise and happily. And most humans because their minds will never comprehend what is coming for them, will still focus on everything else when their entire cellular systems are going to be torn and ripped apart as fast as humanly possible.


I fear for the water of this planet. Human beings are 70% water. There are many other things I can write about but I am mindful this is a PUBLIC blog and I have sway and influence over those who choose to read my work. The IONS they are releasing, are the portal (there is zero coincidence that FB’s whatever is called portal or whathaveyou and their online currency is called Libra — God knows if it took off or not) but there’s that. Everything on this prison planet locks you in.


Now, I am a problem SOLVER not just a spotter.


  1. Heavier spiritual shielding. No dead crystals. Shield the aura and the psycho-electromagnetic grids around you. Work with SHUNGITE. Get aggressive with beefing up your spiritual mainframe. It’s your only chance at immunity.
  2. Sleep with Wi-Fi OFF AT ALL TIMES. Thank me later. Do this everywhere you go. 
  3. No new phone upgrades. NONE. NONE. NONE. NONE. You are fine as you are. Find the oldest models to work with that still provide access.
  4. Solid workout routine, zero excuses. 
  5. Repair your 12 point Helix DNA strands through tinctures and other herbal medicines. Avoid PHARMAKEIA as much as possible. 


There are many, many things I want to write but we know we have limits. I have mine for this blog. Just stop believing that you as a human being, is at the top of the food chain.


You’re not. And none of us, are.


Don’t find this out the hard way.