3 Ways To Increase Your Intuition For Financial Success

As a woman who divinates for a living, using my intuition as part of my ability, is common knowledge. And as women generally, things go horribly wrong when we do not listen to the LOUD little voice inside us that always knows what is best for us. I have had shady business deals, shady men, and shady people come into my life and go, and the only thing that ever stood up for me, was my intuition sounding off badly on it. Yet, millions of women do NOT listen to themselves? Why? We are trained to live in a male dominated society, where abstract “feelings” don’t really matter. You’re here because your inner fire, has been stronger than ANY fire on the outside. And there is nothing on the planet, that can take this away from you. No where is this MORE important than in Money, Business and your Finances.

Women have massive negative consequences if we do not listen to the psychic GPS inside of us. Each of us has this, and yet society will do everything in it’s power to stamp it out. So what are some of the ways that you can increase that ability to serve you best? Here are 3 proven ways :

1) Believe all signs, hunches and intuitive hits. When things FEEL WRONG, they ARE. Do not let anyone discount this out for you.

2) Have regular aura cleansings and aura scans. A trained eye can spot any holes, leaks and tears that can be repaired and fixed out for you.

3) Use Divination to assist you. This can be using cards, runes, pendulums or whatever else you wish to convey your message. The more you use it, the stronger your gift has the chance of elevating.

These may seem like small fry, however I often find that leaks and tears in our aura, leads to people giving their power away. Those who listen to their intuition never give their power away and never listen to anyone’s AD-VICE. I am not a fan of the word AD-VICE because etymologically, sharing an AD for a VICE, is not healthy. I prefer Guidance because it GUIDES. So with that said, a while back I actually spoke about how people do not have any masculine focus to get stuff done and this highly extends to the feminine gift of Psychic ability. It is feminine because it involves feeling and not shutting it out like most men have sadly been trained in society TO DO. Men who live in their Priesthood, know that balancing their Feminine Feeling energy is very important.

Being sensitive to energy, as everyone’s aura (even inanimate objects have one), you are very careful with whom you spend your time with, where, in what capacity and how. Your 3rd eye (Pineal Gland/3rd Eye Chakra) is fully aware and open, again I come back to the TV/mass media programming that deliberately (on a psychic level) “spray paints” the eye with black canned spray, so you cannot see with your mind. This is why when most people are in a pool of stuck consciousness, cannot see their way out of it. Their mind sight, is for lack of a better term, blind.

Reading someone is literally like reading a synopsis of a book.

Glean over the blurb and you have a very quick idea of what the book is about. Psychic ability is identical to that. You know what character/energy you are working with and how many fake masks this person is often wearing to both a) the outside world and b) (most importantly) to themselves, in order to not confront the real issue(s) that is happening in the picture. I highly recommend any woman reading this to work on her intuition before setting up the financial structures in her life as it will save her a lot of time and hassle.

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