Finding The Courage To Be Yourself + Create Success as an Original

“KT, people don’t care half as much as you think they do. What’s the worst they will think of you if you openly practice your work the way I do? That you’re evil, that you’re not worth their time, that you do “weird shit”, that you hurt people, that you hex and curse and whatever their Disney imaginations take them to? No one can hurt you if you do not LET them and that is my point : you still have the space within your psyche to ALLOW people to do so and that is why you’re so consumed with fear about it.


Why do you give a fuck so much what people think of you when it is clear most people do not even have the fortitude to hold an original thought in their lifetime? You still want approval because you do not accept YOURSELF.


I openly say the ONLY entity above me who has ANY type of HOLY AUTHORITY over me as I am HIS CREATION, is the ONE AND ONLY – THE KING – THE ALMIGHTY, GOD HIMSELF. – Me to someone I know over dinner, a few nights back┬á


Finding the courage to be yourself has got to be the most difficult thing in a world where you are rewarded for being a sheep, a virtue signaller, and, a crowd fucker.


Creating Success as an original is challenging because there is no blueprint. I created Success in Spartanite through complete trial and error, having not done a single Facebook or Instagram ad in all the years I have ran the enterprise, let alone half the marketing things people do replete with structures, masterclasses, ad campaigns, webinars or all the “vehicles” through which interested people find them and then proceed. EVEN IF, I had done all of that – none would really work? I would feel cringe presenting it (although it would be great to teach the way my legendary Instagram Lives were years back every Sunday.)




It’s not ME, – Nadia.


Going to many events (especially the boring business ones where the people are just about as stale as the coffee), people would ALWAYS ask me “wow, your work is — erm — different? How do you find clients? – like you must have SOME sort of marketing strategy, surely?”


(desperate to hear that some Facebook campaign made me 6 figures or something………)


“I don’t. They find me.”




I teach anyone reading this blog through my personal life, stories, and, experiences. I am not the 5 steps of Success (although I have done a few videos on those type of things) because SUCCESS IS NOT FOUND IN STEPS. Success is a type of Sparrazza – a type of charisma that allows one to move through crowds at a better reception. I remember an agency who told me I’d have to do my videos from a script and I trashed them as there is nothing scripted or forced about Sparty. People either will like what I say, or they won’t and either way makes little difference to me. Why? Again, my message is important and people are starving for genuine sovereignty, self-ownership, and, empowerment.


My blogs are predominantly for those who have NOT had a place to belong in society. I, myself am a pariah and an outcast because I am not a cookie cutter human who just bleats and does what she is told. I don’t keep quiet to keep the peace anywhere I go because “that’s what a woman does”. I have my own thoughts, opinions, and, mind. I do not follow what my religion, my ethnicity, my culture and my gender should dictate me to do. I draw inspiration from all, however to be my own person lends me an irreplaceable energy – the rarest pink diamond of them all ­čÖé


The trouble is most of this world is HAPPY to be ruled over and controlled because they would rather someone ELSE told them what to do, when and how to do it. It is why people accept dictatorships, accept piss poor treatment, and, accept disappointment.┬á They have someone to blame at the end of their night and feel smug about it. They were told they are “less than” because they weren’t born royal or pedigree (or something of the sort). They tackle small problems, hence they remain small in life.


In order to grow in life, we have to jump every single out of our comfort zones and go for BIG things constantly – those that scare us on a daily basis – and SEE THEM THROUGH.┬á


Creating Success as an Original – means you stop waiting for people to validate you.


I will never forget the time someone said to me “when you were growing up, did you ever wish there was a brown Barbie with dark long hair?” and it was the strangest question someone ever asked because my confused response was “what’s wrong with her blue eyes and blonde hair?” – and I didn’t play with dollies much. I, furthermore accidentally broke her leg when my Dad got me one when I was 4. In this, I was trying to explain that Barbie’s European features did not make me INSECURE, something most ethnic people struggle with due to having internalised low self worth (which is understandable due to imperialism and colonialism ).


I am so very beautiful in whatever I look like and have never felt less than anyone for ANYTHING. More than anything, I felt weird not knowing who and what I was – because I didn’t even feel human, so creating genuine success for me, was about understanding how human beings behave and that was not much fun, as most are repressed and miserable.


You have come here as YOU. While you may not think there is anything unique, or, special about you – the fact that there is only one of YOU, matters.