From Dirt to Gold : Transformation of The Self


“Most never learn to win because they are too busy being “right”. Winning, is a burning flame , set ablaze by deep desire to have what is coveted deeply by yourself ” — Introduction — WINNING : CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE WITH CHARM, MAGNETISM, AND, STRATEGY. 


They say you cannot find gold, in dirt. 


I tend to disagree. 


Gold can always be found in dirt, most especially when you know how and where to look. The gift of radical self-improvement, is a rarity in today’s world. People have come to accept their station in life because since childhood they have been brainwashed that there is a SET way the world works, and you cannot deviate from it.


While we know that is garbage, the majority fully believe it. If an idea has been entrenched into your mind, your neurons, your aura — so heavily, you vibrate and carry it out on a daily basis. It leaks and oozes from your pores like the waft of a delicious yummy peach pie in the oven. Everyone in the house, and, even the neighbours can smell it!


I’ve seen many people the illusion of Success, so much so, I have met the SAME people through happenstance at different events. Some recognise me (oh yes, it’s that energy/psychic — “did she say she was a life coach?” — lady), and some pretend like they do not. People’s psyches are interesting to watch when they are confronted directly by what they politely desire to avoid because it is not easy to sit in front of someone who is a mere mirror of yourself.


Transformation of the Self is simple and every single guru or whathaveyou, actually goes about this in a round about manner. They talk about motivation, discipline, get up at 5 am and look like the Energizer Bunny etc, however RARELY do people cover what is the healthy CONSITUTION of success. For people of today, Success is about get rich, the lazy way. There is little maxim of being a good, honest person anymore because honesty is not rewarded in common society, it is punished. Most people aren’t honest — and that is just a fact of life. I have little (if any) disappointment because my ideals are not naive and Pollyanna. I deal with people as individuals and make character assessments based my interactions and what they do not say (let alone what they do), to gauge this all important life skill that is popularly known as DISCERNMENT. 


As much as discernment is a ruling factor of Success, given it is a pit of snakes and scorpions, there is a key element that I have found the majority to miss in life. It is little to do with drive and ambition, in fact — I have met incredibly driven people who become remarkably exceptional at what they do and become and yet they still critically lack a factor that would be the penultimate string to their bow.




It is little surprise that the majority of this world is closed minded. They, however; would tell you otherwise. They would proclaim to the 7th heaven that if you presented them with new information that overrides their current belief, it can be of assistance to them.


They won’t and will find every damn way to fight you on it.


Now, you may ask what is the premise of being open minded?


It is simply allowing a different view point to be acceptable in your life. I will never forget a classic example of a woman who desperately needed to change her financial outlook and she met me at an event. I gave her my card, and when I hadn’t heard from her the next day — I politely called her myself to find out what was wrong. She evidently thought I was doing all the wrong type of work (thank you Hollywood movies for perpetuating the stigma).


Anyone who knows myself or Spartanite, knows I have never done anything questionable, scary, or, weird, although I GET where the stereotype originates from. I combine street smart business skill with the occult application of doing the heavy lifting for you, so you can be at your PRIME.


The majority fully believe movies are real. They are, —- in a sense of showing you what is happening behind the curtain and fooling you to believe, this is make believe.


Meanwhile I was thinking as she was panicked  — what on Earth?….I mean let’s discuss what is going on with you and let me help you clear and shift some money blocks so we can get more people lining up for your Reiki services and reposition the wording on your site to attract the right people who need your help!”. 


This is what I refer to as being closed minded.


When you are closed minded, your INSTANTANTEOUS reaction, is to JUDGE. You have a SET bar point of what things are “supposed to be” and when you have to transform yourself, you learn to ACCEPT that things may be extremely DIFFERENT to what YOU have been taught and shown (often IS). When people can keep their MIND OPEN and just ALLOW new things to come IN, even when you’re confused ; you will climb into a large frame of Success.


Open mindedness facilitates you to understand people different to you — per se, because it keeps you in a state of flow.


The core of open mindedness, is listening. 


When a person fails to listen, because they are too busy hearing to shout back immediately, instead of taking the time to understand what is being said. Success mentalities originate from an open minded, fresh, and, novel way of doing things.


Transformation of the Self, means that you actively seek the gold out within yourself. No one is going to come and do this for you, which is why it is a prerequisite to consistently challenge yourself.


In private mentoring, working with individuals personally — I came to realise how people just give a “one size” fits all when it comes to developing and entraining yourself, however realistically — there ISN’T that when you truly wish to change your life. So eventually, you’re never witnessed for your power or your uniqueness, coming to find disappointment and apathy because how on EARTH can someone guide you and think they can fit your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE in a neat prepackaged box.


You cannot.


Transformation of the Self, arises from the new threats that you can often face, both in your personal and professional life. Life is not safe, and neither are people. To possess the toolkit of LIFE SURVIVAL STRATEGY navigation is tough. The predominance of people, drive in 1 gear only. However, a standard car has 5 — perhaps 6, if we’re being generous. So to know when to kick it up or bring it down, how, when, and, where — is a special skill.


Let us move on your behalf.


Let us do the heavy lifting for your life, your business, your destiny — in a way that your esteem strengthens, your business flourishes, your life is at great ease and grace — without the hassle, stress, and, extreme grunt work that so many people are utterly CONVINCED they have to grovel and break their back for, to achieve.


The question is,


…how open minded would you allow yourself to be, to receive the help you desire and require?


To get to whatever next level that is right for you, begin asking PEOPLE already helping you how you can STEP IT UP. Apply yourself to bigger playing fields and the rest falls into place.


For SERIOUS mentoring enquiries, Spiritual/business consultations, custom ritualistic work, feel free to reach out to me for assistance.