From Light To Dark : The Ratio Switch of Passive To Primal

Each person in this world, has a ratio upon which they operate.


Part of understanding the Science of the Occult, is learning and discovering the unseen.  This is increasingly helpful in Business, equally. Many people strike a fine balance between the two, presenting the lighter side of what polite “acceptable” society wishes to see in order to function. Some, however; don’t care — and embrace the inner madness, which is what I personally address as “Divine Darkness”.


Primal and Primordial, is an energy that is exceptionally tough to explain in words. It is intense, intimidating, canny, PRESENT, and, bold. It is the energy that HAUNTS you, after you have met someone because it is an energy that isn’t controlled and nor does it do the bidding of man-made law. It may RESPECT man-made law, it doesn’t heed to it.


People in this world are not present. This is why so many feel isolated, lonely, and, disregarded — no matter how “there” someone may be. When you feel someone’s presence in your life, it can be 30 mins, 3 hours, or 30 years– it is an unyielding loyalty TO THE MOMENT, that cannot be re-triggered, re-started, or re-addressed once the moment has passed. There is a fine line difference between inner chaos and controlled deep madness, which is often placed back to front on the Passive to Primal — and aren’t we all curious, what that really IS.


Inner chaos, is what we seen in the average person on the street, including myself. We are ALL a bundle of emotions, nerves, anxiety, doubts, confusion, sorrow, grief, happiness, solace, peace, nightmares, and — on the human spectrum 🙂 So that’s a given, right?


Inner chaos actually prevents you from embracing your inner madness. Your inner madness is primal energy.


Primal energy minds its business however it is a force-field, a vortex of power of it’s own. I can only speak from experience being a woman (men : please bear with me here…) of how women are TAUGHT to TIP-TOE into a room, lest a woman takes up “too much space” or is furthermore, “impolite and unfeminine”. When a woman comes in as a storm, and leaves as a hurricane — it is frightening because society across ALL boards and spectrums has brainwashed an ENTIRE GENDER to be helpless and timid.


Placid, because even a dead fish has more life…


..Moving on — as we always do in life…


Passive energy is allowing life to happen to you. This is not a switch of the masculine/feminine concept upon which the entire fabric of this world, rests. It is simply being “okey-dokey”, as I smile it off as. Agreement is good. Agreement is allowing one of a duo to lead, which is fantastic. A man leads a woman. It is a given.


This goes into someone who is afraid of voicing THEIR VOICE because it was shut down at a young age, henceforth bringing all elements into their life an accordance mess. I have seen both passive men and women, and the MAJORITY of this world has lost it’s primordial power, because that power is seen as a nuisance, a menace, a threat — men are told they are excessively violent…women are told, we are behaving in the masculine. Both are FALSE.


The primal answers to a LAW OF NATURE. Nature doesn’t care for your ignorance, fear, or, stupidity. Mother Nature does not send out memos to all the lawyers in town, soliciting their permission on carefully crafted A4 paper — before she comes in raging as a Tsunami.


You find out the hard way. Don’t you?


Primal energy is what people crave to exhibit in bed, behind closed doors hence there are plenty of useless blogs upon the amorous natures of sex — of “my wife wants me to be more dominant — how?“. Each man struggles with this, even the ones who think they don’t — because to dominate the average woman is easy anyway.




Women are taught not to have a voice and play dead, dumb, and, small to impress a man (boring concept but whatever…), so men reading this — women have been trained like a little lapdog to impress you. In case it wasn’t already clear by most women’s needy and APPROVAL SEEKING behaviour.


They want you to LIKE THEM before they like themselves.


Isn’t it why their behaviour disgusts you?


The weak and emotionally insecure man, secretly salivates at this concept of lapdog loving — because he thinks being a man is equal to being a bastard  (uncaring, harsh, cold, machismo based, and oh yes, abusive…) (more on that in a FLASH), the strong and primal man, bored, and devoid of stimulation waits for a woman whom he sees has her own mentality, mind, merit, and mercy for her own self.


SELF CARE, in other words.


Primal energy across the board possesses severe restraint. A person who answers to the call and power of NATURE, is not deterred easy. And this deterrent is SHAME that stems from FEAR OF BEING YOUR OWN DAMN SELF. Most people fear being themselves because their entire identity is wrapped up in SUBSERVIENT PLEASING.


Light energy is good. It is gorgeous, sweet, playful, and, on the surface. It is required and needed.


However LIGHT is the perfect mirror to the DARK.


The darkness is everything you want to be, but you’re afraid to own inside yourself.


It’s okay, you can be honest with yourself plus no one is looking….


….Or are they?


Only that hungry flame inside you knows it.