Do You Want a GREAT Lifestyle?

I have been thinking of this for a while now, and it shows up in different places at different timings. No one really wants a “status quo” life (read : boring and passionless) and yet, most people I know–live it. It is easy to go along with society’s drift of making you average, mediocre and miserable without a single thought about improving and encouraging you. This is where victimhood comes in, generally speaking, victimhood is when someone on a cellular level is trapped in childhood, and expecting things to be “perfect”. Whenever I ask women about their Finances, a general sense of dissatisfaction awashes them and they KNOW they need to do something about it, but being a victim most of the time, is far too easy. Women fall into victimhood faster than men do by the way. (Men have their own battles, and I will touch on that coming soon…)

When you know a mediocre lifestyle isn’t working for you, the first thing you need to do is assess HOW YOU are contributing to the situation.

In What ways are you still allowing and tolerating shoddy behaviour and shitty pay for someone under the guise and excuse of “this is just the way people are and this is what they are offering for this job/position?”. If you’re in Business, you need to ask why you FEEL you cannot raise your rate and FULLY EXPECT people to show up. Where are your OWN FEARS holding you back?

Most women are steeped in pre-historic fear, conditioning, fear, repression and sadness. All of us women, including myself have been through this. The thing with money and a fabulous life, is that people often make the mistake of thinking a fabulous life is having a million dollars in a nice big mansion. Yes, sure that is nice, but is that NECESSARY? Discover what is necessary to your own personal life and the figure that you require, in order to make you feel wealthy.

Society’s idea of wealth building, will leave you broke and miserable.

I full well know there are very successful business owners who can bring in the money and they cannot keep it. That is more discouraging than say for instance, someone working a minimum wage job and feeling they have no options aside that. A status quo life, is accepted by those who have a status quo desire to live an average, boring and unassuming life. That’s what their parents shoved down their throat (for the most part) and this is what they ACCEPTED.

You do not need to ACCEPT what people hand you. If someone hands you a peach, and you do not like it–DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

Make a clear Divine Dollar Vision about what it is that you want—and then go after it!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments below ­čÖé