Happy New Year + Supermoon in Cancer Revelations


Happy New Year, Spartanite! 🙂

It is 2018, and whilst most people are miserably thinking about going back to work somewhere they hate, I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, in my dark bedroom, turned on the lamp and thought “It’s here! Yay! 2018 is finally here”. Seeing as God only knows why the hell I am so damn excited for this year — suddenly as I was pulling back the curtains, I looked at the glass award I won for Best Mentor 2017, on my window ledge– and a wave of mistrust, paranoia and fear hit me.

So I stopped and stood by the radiator and remembered that not only has it been the new year coming in, it has also been the Supermoon in Cancer. Talk about not being able to hide from anything. Cancer, the first water sign—is very steely. The Crab has strong claws and will hold onto anything that makes it feel secure. As I was picking up something from my altar, one of the cards out of my deck fell out and landed at my feet, followed by another one.

This, by the way–has NEVER happened to me before in my life. I have randomly seen tarot cards in the middle of a forest clearing in a car once (talk about Spirit sending you messages EVERYWHERE), but this was something else.

I got the 9 of Pentacles reversed and the Chariot upright. I was amazed.

I knew where that fear was coming from. Years ago, I had lost my whole financial life, and I was the 9 of Pentacles—or the Millionairess (self made woman) card. The woman who sacrifices everything for her financial freedom and sees her success. Everything was taken from me, and I slowly rebuilt everything. Cancer energy was still trying to feed me to be cautious and see where the wounds of how people mistreated me when I was younger, have hurt my sensitive heart and soul and how I am able to understand, forgive and let go. The Chariot, represents victory in every area of life–so it was nice to see a message that I was on the right track. I felt a bit sad and hugged myself and told myself how proud I was of what I had left behind and how I had rebuilt myself from nothing. 2018 feels lke an explosive year for a lot of people—provided you play your cards right (pun intended HAHA)

This Supermoon in Cancer, isn’t here to fuck with anyone. It is going to clean cut EXPOSE EMOTIONS–things,people, and places you thought you left behind—eh no. ESPECIALLY SO, If you have your Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus in Cancer. My Jupiter is in Cancer—so I am always being conscious of how my actions will impact someone and what I can do to help more people with my Spartanite reach. Cancer rules the breasts, womb and hips. Whatever Jupiter touches, expands. *WINK* No complaints in Jupiter making me look like a fertility goddess 😉

So what can you learn from this supermoon?

Well, for starters — be very honest about yourself, your own intentions and what bullshit you will NOT PUT UP WITH. A lot of people— A LOT, are going to radically encounter people and things from their past THIS VERY MONTH, until the next full moon (which is a bluemoon) on the 31st of the month. January is a crazy packed month with a lot going on. My final Spartanite courses — Spartanite Love Goddess, Spartanite Spiritual Goddess and Fearless Money Manifestation with Dark Goddess –launch at the end of this month.

Men, also have their own goodies at Spartanite — Spartanite FOR MEN –Reharmonising The Spartan Man with Dark Masculine Power.

I am so passionate about empowering men with their dark masculine energy. Men in modern times need more help than EVER to be full, rich and whole as a masculine man.

With love and warm rose regards, I will be making many blissful posts on topics to educate, empower and encourage you to be the BEST SPARTANITE YOU CAN BE 🙂

I would love to hear your comments in the section below <3