Healing The “Money Flow Containers” To Receive More In Your Life

The key to life, is receiving. 


Many people say this, but how many of us actually know what that actually means and how to incorporate it into our daily lives?


Receiving is the art of allowing good things into your life without having the internal dialogue of resisting it at some level. I know in my own life, every time I have wanted to hop up a notch with something, I need to keep clearing my own fields. And this clearing, is (erm?…) exhausting. Anyone who has gone through this, knows exactly what I am referring to. For some people, making large amounts of money is EASY. The trouble comes to actually KEEPING IT for THEMSELVES. I will never forget one man I know, he has made healthy levels of money (500K+) however after all the friends, associates, family etc — I was amazed when Clauneck pointed out to me that he doesn’t really value himself or keep much for himself. Clauneck taught me to study financial situations and apply them to my own life, to make sure I was BALANCED in my financial life.


Your money containers literally determine what comes into your life and really, what gets to STAY.


Now, this situation can be a lot more complex than just the containers, seriously. If you have magick placed on you, there are entities in the mix — plain and simple, they have to be removed and you have to be mended, and repaired before the flow starts again. I throw this in real fast, because most people are terrified to mention it–however with being someone who deals with Occult Money, that is a BIG likelihood on the block. Not from a sense of paranoia, rather from a sense of reality 🙂


Now if you see the money is coming in, but it’s leaving FAST — that’s simply because you have a small container. I take a relative of mine as an example of this. Sometimes I used to go shopping with her and she had the smallest coin purse where she would stuff her notes and coins in. Once, we were at the supermarket and I felt the PAIN around her taking the money out to pay. It comes as zero surprise she struggles for/with money as her core belief is hating the rich, hating all their lifestyles, thinking disconnection from material wealth is normal, and further more in many shapes and forms — that money is evil, at the core. With that said, as soon as she brings some sort of new income in, a tax bill, a something shows up. Maybe her shoe breaks, something happens. It basically just keeps her trapped where she is, spinning her wheels, and with a very strong poverty aura.


Your containers can easily be dented or damaged through loss, trauma, abuse, neglect, magickal issues (what I mentioned above about having to be repaired, basically) and everything that doesn’t make you feel SAFE.


I know this with experience. When I lost so much of my life, my containers became heavily dented and the money couldn’t even come in, never mind stay. I was truly so frightened I would never be able to get back to financial stability, so I had to really push myself to first match the vibration of money and then keep working to maintain that vibration. Sometimes the vibration still hops up and down, due to life itself — which is normal for everyone. Through labour, persistence, hard work and energy work — I was able to get back onto “the money ladder” (as I call it affectionately) and once I could finally breathe financially again — I began working on the containers to remove distortions from the energy fields. I realised how damaged a person can become when someone mentioned a certain figure to me and it made me cramp up, especially when I have enjoyed that level of money before very casually and normally. It hurt.


It is similar to having the side door panel of your car dented. You cannot just “wish it away”. It’s time to take a trip to the mechanic, to have it either repaired or if it’s truly messed up, just remove the panel and affix a new one. We all carry psychic debris in our auric fields which is why exactly like an oil change, it is wise to have your aura clear at all times. Aura cleanses, which can be found by clicking this link — are an excellent way of doing this 🙂


Receiving is really everything. I know sometimes it may not be the right time for you, or financial reasons, or there is resistance — however the more you get into the energy vibration of saying YES to good things, you come to find they flow increasingly towards you. The less you chase someone, something, anything (lol), the more EASE and GRACE you allow in the situation instead of resistance, pushing, forcing, nagging, begging, and pleading. It is low vibration, not respectful of the other person, or yourself for that matter and it creates more insanity in your energy fields which hold your containers. Containers can very much be healed and changed if you are intentional with them. Of course, it comes as no surprise to many of us that the majority of people are infected with poverty consciousness (it’s not enough mentality) in every area of their entire life, certainly when it comes to money. Because this issue is so unconscious, people have no clue that they remain stuck in one place for all their life, without questioning.


The gift of working on yourself energetically, is a gift that cannot be given to someone else. It is a gift and a commitment you give yourself. I gave myself the gift of saying “I will overcome all my challenges and be happy and energetic in all I choose to do. I choose not to be a victim of circumstance and what I have been put through”. Doing that alone freed me to work on myself and allow myself to thrive and prosper in ways that no one gave me.  When you keep working on yourself at an energy level to heal yourself and help your finances, no matter WHAT your income — it grows. I remember designing the Pre Wealth Stratagem many years back (click here to discover more), a home study done for you course where I explore and talk about money at a very deeper significant level. I cover things that you are REQUIRED to know before you step up to make big money, otherwise it just takes you back to Ground Zero again. I used all of the methods to create Spartanite and I have taught and shared them with many!


The containers need to be big, limitless, and strong. Instead of going to the ocean with a bucket, you have to simply build a pipeline so the water consistently flows to you, day and night. When you heal your energy fields, you will see so many things move for you without you trying “so hard”.


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