Healing Toxic Shame & Empowering Your Esteem

I have written many pieces on toxic shame and I continue to do so because toxic shame is the number one factor, as to why people don’t advance in life.


Sparty YouTube is an informative channel and yet controversial. Many people are incensed and angry to find out what my Spiritual beliefs are and most IMPORTANTLY, how I mix my faith (I am born into a Muslim family and practice the healing + healthy parts of it) with the LHP.


“How the fuck? WHY?”


It angers people that you can beautifully mix oil and water and produce a phenomenal life out of it. You are out of their JURISDICTION of understanding and furthermore, their perception of their box view of life. The High Seas are as such. An experienced sailor navigates them fine, those who lack experience – panic. People expect me to be batshit crazy due to my work and do all types of creepy shit — however I have a regular normal life just like the rest of everyone else.  It furthermore confuses people to discover I am logical, grounded, and, quite practical in my daily dealings.


My gnosis, however, allows me to see and interpret things at a higher plane and those wisdoms at strange angles, frighten people.


You become incredibly dangerous when people cannot shame, threaten — and my favourite, control you.


Both my faith and my  practice have helped me understand and LOVE people without condition or requisite of WHAT and who they should be.


You cannot love people if you’re busy judging and shaming them all the time.


MANY people feel they have the right to comment on who and what I am and their high and mighty judgments make them far superior to me. They post all types of horrible, toxic, and, sick shit and the best part is feel angry WHY I do not feel SHAME for it. Considering I don’t come from a limited small mentality of life, I find people who live and think in a box weird, so there is that.


Let’s discuss toxic shame today. 


When you find the courage to walk your OWN path, a path that is personal to YOU — you will not feel the need to get up and criticize people because you’re happy inside yourself. 


Most, aren’t.


There is a lady who posts on Instagram, and I could possibly say a LOT about her in 50 million ways and yet, if SHE is happy — who am I to say anything? Her comments are filled with horrible twisted statements about her weight and looks — and it’s sad how people have NOTHING better to do than pick others apart.


Society thrives on shaming you for everything and that shame; like a sick cancer permeates inside the body.


“The weak eat the weaker for a modicum of power “is something Belial once said to me and it has stuck with me deeply because I have seen people do this at school, workplaces, and, organisations. If you do NOT follow the bleating herd, you are a threat, you are evil and you will ALWAYS be an outcast.


When you walk your journey of healing toxic shame, your own personal journey — of being special and unique, EXPECT REJECTION BY THE ENMASSE.


Many people often come to me silently in tears and say “thank you for just not judging me and letting me be MYSELF“. I have heard this statement repeatedly in my life and it destroys me to know how judgemental and sick our society has become. If you don’t look, breathe, eat, drive, fuck, and, look a certain way — you’re a pariah of our communal.  I have had the most “out there” things in problems of what people have brought to my table and it is ALWAYS filled with toxic shame. I have heard EVERY TYPE of thing, things people have said they have never told a single soul, any family member, any counsellor, or friend — because there is still an element of shame attached.


My life swims a dark void, like an abyss — free and primordial, so I simply just listen and someone is always safe with me 🙂


To witness someone just for who they are, is the BIGGEST gift you can give someone in this lifetime. 


Toxic shame often goes deep into the pores of the dermis and our body cellular memory. There are things I have personally experienced that can make my body flood with tears and anxiety in a matter of seconds, inspite of all the healing I have processed. Your shame is not YOURS to carry, it is the disgusting filth people have placed on you and what happens is your lower chakras all end up holding that energy. The biggest shame usually revolves around money and sex (as we know), and people will spare you NO room to consistently keep shaming you for your HEALTHY desire for both.


Toxic shame affects your ESTEEM.


What is your ESTEEM?


Esteem is the valuation and assaying of one’s OWN self and how we pride and look after ourselves. It is what we deem ourselves WORTHY OF.


At the root, you will always find toxic shame for low self esteem.


This is across the board. Learning to heal your esteem means that you will not tolerate disrespect and abuse from people. You will not give passes of bad behaviour, even from yourself and you naturally gravitate to things that signify respect for you. A large part of this is what you EAT. Esteem comes with boundaries and lines people will and should NOT cross with you.


Healing toxic shame allows you to connect deeply with people again, it allows you to feel worthy, deserving, and, placing yourself forward for opportunities. It takes a while to be kind to yourself, to be gentle to heal the broken parts inside that hurt so that you’re able to heal and RISE into your power.


If you’re on that journey to heal deeper and possess a beautiful understanding, no matter what your best — Esteem Healing inspired by the smashhit SCORPIONIC series — is the right fit for you 🙂


Can you relate to the following ?


  • I don’t feel worthy or good enough of said person/place/thing
  • No one loves me and I feel so unwanted and unloved
  • Terrible things always seem to happen to me no matter what I do
  • I don’t feel I deserve good things in life
  • I experience rejection in both relationships and friendships
  • I feel I am always the one doing the most, people don’t care
  • I just feel I am going no where in life
  • I am deeply ashamed, hurt, broken, and, scared — and yet too scared to really admit it
  • Nice things are for other people, not me
  • I am shocked if someone does anything nice for me (become suspicious)
  • I struggle with boundaries and sticking to them
  • I struggle to speak up and have my voice heard
  • I have experienced trauma, neglect, and, emotional violence


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