How Showing Up High Value Protects Your Money

I always believe that high value shows up in every area of your life. I think there are so many instances where women give away their power, and do not realise it (and then are left complaining) and wonder what happened to them. I really want to talk about 2 instances that personally occured in my life where I demonstrated high value and how this will inspire you to show up as a Spartanite.

1. I dated a narcissist years back, who has the nasty tendency to do a “rinse and repeat” on women, to use them for sex or an ego stroke and then discard them, until he can use them again. Earlier this year, I blocked his number and when I saw his (timely) email come through to me about how we hadn’t spoken and “how I was”, after yelling at me last year when I asked him for a small favour, I read it, smiled, deleted it and blocked his email from every reaching me again.

2. I asked a cashier up the road if I could pay some of the bill in change (talk about 7p), and she yelled at me that I was “too fucking polite and I just needed to lay the money on the table”. I told her, it’s called having manners and respect for people you interact with.

In both instances, I could have chosen to take the low road as most women do and scream and shout trying to get their point across. I did neither. And this I find, impacts me heavily in my daily financial life. Much of what you learn as a Spartanite, is for true feminine empowerment, and how to respond as a Lioness, and not a sheep. So today’s round, I want to talk about how low value affects your behaviour when it comes to your money.

Money, as I have mentioned many times, is based on your energy. You may be wondering how this affects your finances, and I am going to give you a few pointers of how us women are masters at being low value through our low self worth…

When a woman comes from low self worth, we are constantly trying to convince others to see it.

A client drops off? You chase after them? A man decides to leave you? You freak out and panic. When you have people with poverty consciousness, they will always find ways to haggle and discount your worth. This is especially important when it comes to your business, if you are an Entrepreneur. So many women chase, beg and plead because we are so AFRAID that whatever comes our way, will never be enough. So we hang on to it, so tightly thinking nothing better can ever come for us.
Had I been in low value, I would have hung on to an abusive man who took great pride in using and abusing my emotion and fighting with a cashier on payment protocol. Ask yourself where you are NOT showing up high value, NOT demonstrating your full worth and never, EVER chase. People always know where to find you, when they truly value you, your sacredness and your worthy work to the world. This is what I teach in my upcoming programme, Money, Sex & Goddess Empowerment 

I am going to list 5 ways when you are high value, your money benefits :

1. People don’t financially take advantage of you. 

2. You do not give into money guilt trips easily and stand your ground. 

3. You know when to be poised and lean back when people approach you trying to push a boundary. 

4. You feel financially secure and never come from a lack mindset

5. You speak your mind at risk of upsetting others and losing the man/or the client. 


I would love to hear your thoughts below 🙂