Holding Onto Your Faith In Yourself & In The Divine In The Days Ahead

Disclaimer : This is not a religious post and should not be read in that manner. Read at your own wisdom and discretion 🙂


It is no surprise that mankind has been separated from God, thus has been separated from his/her own self.


When you are disconnected from yourself, your own Spirit, you cannot connect to the BOSS, The Almighty.


You cannot hold natural psychic ability every human was given the standard luxury, of. You cannot summon. You cannot channel. You cannot sense, feel, hear, and, see — beyond your 5 senses and you certainly do not know the next steps of life. That’s the common person of today. When you lack a sense of faith, it is very, very easy for sinister forces to get into your life. There is no firewall to protect you.


We live in a world overshadowed and run by evil. Most people partake in evil, because they are naïve and do not know what real evil, really is.


I once asked a spirit I am friends with, about 4 years back on what the best way to defeat the Cabal is. She gave me a long answer but to shorten it down, she said “being neutral and loving yourself and others, is key. Each division makes things worse. Love is very powerful for a reason”. From birth, your family will train you to hate religions, races, creeds, socio-economic sectors because that is not what you belong to. Every family does this because people are TRAINED not to question. Narcissism 101.


God creates UNITY. As an Occultist, my FIRST thanks and gratitude, always goes to the Almighty.  This will never change. This is independent of religion, although there are very strong religious practices I can still find peace and comfort in, and always will. I have always said “GOD IS BOSS” and many of my friends know that saying. I have seen miracles when I have asked for help, but miracles in ways that humans often scoff and laugh at. And ignore, to boot. I think people expect a cloud with a hand to drop out of the sky, to smack them upside the head when they ask for help. Help comes in mysterious and bizarre ways.


When I asked for help, magick was given to me as my birthright answer and I was reinstated back into it.


In 2012, the portal of CERN was opened. The idea is to completely take away humanity from their own self, and connection to the DIVINE. Everything that is beautiful and special, will be perverted and corrupted. They do this by the method of frequencies. Most people, unknowingly, live in a frequency prison. An energy so incredibly miserable and low, they have to force themselves to listen to loud music, TV, etc, all the time — because the loud volume drowns the pain and sadness, inside. The Divine would never have you this way. They would never have you anxious, depressed, sad, and, suicidal. You would be in peace, happy, radiant, and, filled with life and joy. You wouldn’t have unnecessary fear, you’d be generous, bountiful, and, abundant.




Believing in the Almighty, does not render me a slave. I am a powerful lady and I exercise my command, rank, authority, and, control in my world as a Sovereign human being that came to this planet to enjoy and inspire, others. Many people believe in God, through a means of begging.  Stop begging for help. It is lowly and peasant like.


The Divine does not want you weak and miserable, you are encouraged to stand up and secure your lot in life. Many organised religions teach you to be miserable and give your power away, because it is easy to control you. I have always said “God did not send me here to be weak and feeble”. People are in such mental chains that they struggle to discover their own personal connection with God.




You are trained to believe the Occult is evil because it is easier to address something as such, than call it for what it is. A tool. It is the same reason people call money, evil. They have no comprehension of what it is, hence because people FEAR what they do not understand, it’s quicker to call it evil and dust your hands clean. It is also HYPER CONVENIENT to keep YOU away from your POWER. So they train you to see the Other world, as a farce and a mockery lest you ended up finding out the joke was on you…


Yes, the magickal world, just as any other tool (a knife, money, etc…) can be used for serious evil. I have experienced it first hand and have seen countless people struggle with it. On the flipside, when you use it for a healthy purpose, it is life changing and I am personally testament of such.


When you have Faith inside you, no matter what Divinity you choose to align with, you’re unstoppable and will always feel the LOVE, the Divine Love, humans are meant to have between each other — but given all the attacks our race faces 24/7, we have ended up hating each other.


Divine Love is powerful. It always originates from the heart area and is free-flowing. It costs nothing to connect to what is above us, higher powers, God, The Universe, Divinity — whatever you wish to name it, as. It keeps you in perfect alignment with whom you are, what you came here for, and, what you can experience as the world is currently on fire.


What makes you human, is empathy, love, kindness, and, compassion. There are normal healthy empathic humans, and there are predators who merely look like humans.


..And that’s exactly what they are planning to take from you very soon.


The ability to connect to yourself and feel.


The fight to remain Human and Sovereign has only just begun.


Love is powerful. Self Love, the most.


What does LOVE mean to you?