How Alchemy Is Used In Creating Money

A lot of people wonder how they can connect Alchemy to Money. After all, isn’t alchemical science studying about mutable forms in terms of what can be found deep in the Earth, not to mention Astrological aspects that will assist you to understand seasons, planets and people much better?

And yet, so many women struggle with connecting the two together. Mentorship is physical alchemy and MONEY IS FINANCIAL ALCHEMY AT IT’S PEAK LEVEL. Why do I say this? Well, the answer is rather simple. Money isn’t something REAL until it is tangible in precious metal assets like gold and silver. The moment you have promissory bank notes that are NOT backed by gold and silver, you have a whole new crisis. You have debt notes that people take and accept as money because they have not studied the etymology and history of money well enough to understand how to create a full scale global world where CURRENCIES are what people trade, not real money.

So how does Alchemy assist in the understanding of money? Well firstly, on a spiritual tangent, in order to create money, you need to be spiritually purified. People who are NOT so, are the main reason that money is used for IMMORAL purposes. Money is AMORAL. It doesn’t have morals or emotions. It is like the knife in your kitchen, either you can chop vegetables with it or you can murder someone in cold blood. Money is the knife, or rather, it is the tool. When you understand money from an Occult nature, you will understand that in all respective orders of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt, you can absolutely create a new YOU.

Let’s take a look at this, shall we?

At the top :

Salt : The EARTH element. The grounding. Confusing at the top, however your top priority is to stabilize your emotions as best as possible so you are able to carry out your money duties properly.

Mercury — The AIR element. Planet of communications. The Winged God messenger, in some culture known as Hermes. Mercury used in gauging warmth (and it is not the fiery element). Use Mercury to communicate your ideas to people to generate money.

Sulphur — The FIRE element. Sulphur is the fieriest element known to man. Create passion through your vision and inspire others to believe in your service/product. Use Mercury to fan the fiery flames through it’s air.

So you’re probably thinking…hmm? I wonder where the WATER element is?

Water is YOU, Spartanite.

It is YOUR emotions, your feelings and your power inside to go and create your dream life.

Remember you have one chance to live.

Make sure you live in HONOUR and as a SPARTANITE