How Can A Spartanite Support Good Men?

Men in modern society, are so devalued and under supported, I feel sad when I look at the average man who has not a single good woman in his life. For this situation, discretion is required because just like not every woman deserves a good man, based on her character?—?the opposite, also is Veritas. The Truth.
I have thought long and hard about this. I have asked my Spirits (God Bless Them all), about how I can support men who WISH for Goddess Presence in their life.

And I get the same response, which is to be open about psychosexuality, spirituality and wealth matters in their psychic, psionic ability because men have been deprived and shamed of actually feeling anything. Most men feel more than women, and Society has labeled and told them that feeling anything aside anger and lust (mainly connected to porn and not even real women), is the ONLY thing they can feel. This is why your husband backs away when you want to sit with him, he is too ashamed to tell you he feels ashamed. Men have a fight only locale to them, and as a Spartanite, it is our duty to support the good men we are blessed with.
Stop being a burden in a man’s life. Clean up your emotional shit, stop being a leech and stop waiting for other people to validate whom you are. Take full responsibility that you reflect the heterosexual man that you attract, based on your inner mirror and let that be your moral compass.

Stop requesting a man to do what you should do yourself. You are old enough to go about in life without asking for moral support to put on your coat. Come to your husband when you require his utmost assistance, and allow him to forge a path of his own. Listen to him, praise him and be honourable of his reputation and his name. And let me make the below bit, exceptionally clear.

Do not do the above, for an immoral, disgraceful and contemptuous man who hates women. Not every man deserves a good woman, be mindful of this.

Good men are productive, proud, high achievers, strong and honest in communicating difficult feelings because bottling things up doesn’t make them feel “macho”. Being macho in a man, is be honourable in your actions and how you treat both yourself and others.

Yes, a lot of men do bad in the world. And yet, so do women. Choose to refine yourself and refined men shall be the ones you choose to support.