How Djinn (Jinn) Use Telepathy For Complete Mind Control

The topic of Djinn (Jinn) (hence further more, shall be referred to as Jinn in this article), is one shrouded in awe, mystery, confusion, secrecy, and power. 


Most of Middle Eastern or South East Asian (think Malaysia/Indonesia)  and/or Muslim descent and/or faith, are exceptionally familiar with the history and hierarchy of Jinn. In the Holy Qu’ran, Jinn have their own chapter and much is stated and spoken about them that is remarkably true and accurate. I have read that chapter many times, written down MY OWN understanding out of it from Arabic and further more, asked variant Jinn that I am familiar with, to confirm the accuracy of it. All of it is verified by themselves. Which is always a good start when you receive information that you are required to so openly document to familiarise and educate others with, by the source, themselves.


Most Jinn, live in a world, parallel to us humans. They can see us, however they are out of sight to the average human, as the average human has lost their own psychic ability to communicate with the Spirit realm. They are simply a meat suit, locked and lost in a vortex of material possessions through which their actual bodily energy is drained and siphoned slowly (and more on that in upcoming posts…) You would require heavy power from birth to EVOKE them (please don’t try and INvoke a jinn unless you’re looking to have your body consumed with heat and scorching fire— and die or have 3rd degree burns at best!) or deep metaphysical training to access that realm. It is a very dangerous realm as Jinn, are by nature mischievous and tricksters. Certainly, not all of them — however, most are.


Jinn live on Mount Kahf (Qaf) and their capital is The Emerald City. I know this piece of information through my own ancestral bloodline and secondly, verification by Jinn themselves, when I asked if that was correct, or not. Humans have a carbon based body, and Jinn have a plasma based body made from smokeless fire. Their body is exceptionally similar to an electrical current, which is why they can easily fuck with and interfere with electronics. Jinn have incredible amounts of heat that radiate from them, they can easily burn a human skin in the bat of an eyelid, hence one is required to be firm and authoritative with them (if one wishes to work with their grand power). 


With that said..


Jinn are MASTERS of Telepathic mind control.


When they control a human being from far, or possess them outright, ALL your thoughts are theirs. I should know this, as they controlled me through possession personally and until I had them removed, I was living on a timeline of pain, fear, scarcity, torture, and a type of psychosis that many in mental institutions are familiar with. MANY people in this world are trapped in those timelines. Those who are in these places, are mainly controlled by Jinn. The Western World, is by far and large, ignorant as day about how Jinn work and what they can and WILL do, to a human being to gain control. With being designed from plasma liquid crystal, Jinn also have tribes, families, have sex, get married, etc etc –similar to our human race. It so happens that there are higher ranking Jinn and predictably, the lower ranking ones — and it is the one of lower rank, who come after us humans. Jinn are exceptionally fast.


And when I mean fast, I would love you to think of a mentally astute and sharp person whose mind thinks at 120 mph, can run 5 businesses in the bat of an eyelid, on manageable amounts of cocaine with precision, frightening calculation, dexterity, and, speed to twist a situation.


And times THAT, by 20. 


When Jinn want to fuck with someone, they will go straight for their mind and scramble and delineate their thoughts. They will cause pain and torture in every area of your life, your relationships, marriages, business, jobs, health, friendships, everything. You name it and a Jinn can do it. The hardest part for a person who comes under the control of a Jinn, is differentiating THEIR thoughts from what is being implanted in them. Furthermore, Jinn have no problem with their PLASMA LIQUID bodies, to hop in and out of PLASMA LIQUID SCREENS (electronics, laptop, phone, computer, tv, cinema screens etc). This is why Pornography has such a hold over men mainly, not to mention other “codings” done on the websites to trick the brain. Spirits have levitation and gravity that the average human cannot comprehend because the physical body is dense and slows everything down. Which is why Jinn can be the BEST thing for you, or the absolute WORST LIVING NIGHTMARE. And this nightmare is something MILLIONS of people are trapped in, the way I once was. This is why I chose to do the work I do, because it is like living in a drug induced coma, when you sort of-ish, look normal to the outside world,  a living nightmare that there is absolutely no respite from. Either the Jinn are removed, or you die. Those are your TWO options. None of the others exist. You are basically a hostage inside your own body. I remember this feeling very well.


Jinn can usually be seen in people’s eyes, as they have a certain glint, mischievous, glazed look. I recognise the look in my old photos before they were removed, (and I try not to look) and hence, I can see them immediately in a split nano second in people’s eyes who don’t know jinn are controlling them. Lower level Jinn prefer to cling onto humans, as humans are exceptionally powerful (in our NATURAL ORIGINAL state, and not the cyborg technological foolishness of a “human” you see in today’s geo-engineered world), because they drain all our food and energy for themselves. Higher Ranking Jinn, do not concern themselves with human beings and furthermore, on many tangents see modern humans as pathetic (which accurately as they think, most have become) and leave us the hell alone. Oft a time, a lot of people possess the misconception that ALL Jinn are evil, and such is not a true faction of their nature.


Jinn can twist and change your thoughts in NANO seconds. The ultimate Houdini. Now you see it, and now you don’t.


Which of course, impacts your actions. Jinn are also MASTERS of technology and use it far better than any “tech expert” (it’s almost comical me writing tech expert). Writing about Jinn, is almost parallel to me writing about the Psychopathic mind, a mind and a person who is (unsurprisingly) controlled by Jinn, themselves. Almost every person who is Cluster B I have ever known, has had Jinn attached to them, and due to their own insolence and arrogance, can never imagine their behaviour, ISN’T THEIR OWN. So hence, they can never have them removed and live a clean and SOVEREIGN, free life. A person free of Jinn that have controlled them and destroyed them, is a person who has to heal from multiple levels of complex trauma and adrenal fatigue.


Endeavour to learn of, and study the difference between Empirical Jinn (those of a good nature and who are friendly to humans) and Nefarious/Malefic Jinn, for whom those the human mind and life, is merely a stomping playground to manipulate and leverage as a fun pasttime. SHOULD you wish to work with them. Be RESPONSIBLE and do not play with people’s lives, should you have the power to work with them in a fluid manner.


People have their own free will, allow them to be as such.


All your media advertising, is laced with them, by the way….


Happy viewing. Your screens are portals for them. What are you letting into your house, and your life?


Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.


Only The Strong, Survive.