How Not To Get Scammed In The Self Development Industry

The Self Development industry, is worth billions for a reason.


As a mentor and a woman who has won awards for writing books and her mentorship, I FULLY believe in the power of both arts and avenues to share a wealth of knowledge with people. I also know these avenues are hijacked by con artists that are billion dollar names in this industry. Most of your gurus, and what have you, are genuinely scammers. I don’t say that from a place of being bitter, or angry, or whatever. Over the years, I took the liberty to study these people like a hawk digging into it’s kill and attend smaller gatherings (not events) to see the energy in action. Anything I had ever suspected, turned out to be true and I came home like “see, this is why I am alive. My psychic ability saved me”.


Most people will genuinely NOT imagine the length that million dollar YouTube gurus (and even the ones with international offices, and a million salesy people under them) will go to fleece you.


There is a guru — Mr X (I won’t mention his name because I am not looking for a lawsuit, or death) whose stuff I got when I was 20. I was fresh on seeing this type of stuff and I barely managed to listen to ONE CD, I was just so busy. There came a point around 2 years back, in my Spiritually clean state when I popped the CD into the player and was driving and I suddenly felt light headed during the interview. I pulled over at a services station to refuel the car and get food. I was feeling woozy. I knew it was EITHER the journey or the CD, and I was going to find out in 10-20 mins flat. I drove off and turned the CD off. My head was clear and fine and I didn’t have this weird and strange PULL from my womb and head region INTO the CD. I knew what this man was doing to people globally and I could see how the most intelligent people were getting sucked in (yep, like a literal black hole) into what he was saying and doing.


That was one instance. Another instance, I was watching some YouTube videos about a man I absolutely KNOW to be a psychopath (he’s all over social media because he thinks he’s God or something), strung out sex and drug addict. I saw it written all over his face and his net worth is roughly in around the $100M+ excesses. In one of his 5 minute quickie videos where he belts out “sales advice”, the video was running quickly and at 0:29 my body froze. I stopped the video and played it back a few times again to confirm. He was signing a book and next to the book was a contract. He was fleecing the guy who was innocently stood there thinking “my GOODNESS, this guy is my hero”. I saw the narcissistic duping delight stare (as I call it), the hungry predatory look just before a lion tears a zebra to pieces. I showed around 5 people and all of them were like “HOW did you catch the stare out? The video runs so fast!”.


First guy (Let’s call him Mr X), had a guy who studied under him. He is very well known in London on the personal development scene, around my age or slightly older by around a year or 2, and has made in excess of 10M GBP. His face literally has scammer and narcissistic violent abuser written all over it. He thinks psychic women cannot see it because the women that are around him are swayed by hypnosis, djinn, PUA charm and of course — his money. 4 years ago, I attended one of his 2 day events. I saw the same, EXACT SAME techniques that I was hearing psychically layered on the CD and I saw people trip over themselves to get to the back of the room to put down 12 grand (around $20K) on their credit card. I was one of the few women sat in the room casually eating a bar of chocolate and this man kept staring at me. He was trying it and everytime he tried, my spirits created a shield on his thoughtforms that would bounce back. He works with 2 higher level djinn that influence people (in wrong manners). He didn’t know I could see the djinn. He even said on stage “Hey, I am looking for people to work with me, and I tell you what. Don’t apply to work with me if you’re not a perfectionist, because I am a FUCKING NIGHTMARE TO WORK FOR?”


Ding Ding.


We have a winner.


The age old Narcissistic “tell”.


When you see these thirsty youngish looking dickhead guys go to these guru events, they are not going to immerse themselves in the experience as you may be. They are going there to learn from a MASTER predator to use these tricks on YOU.


Start asking questions. Stop letting people promise you DREAMS. People who can truly change your life and are genuinely honest, aren’t looking to fleece, push, and nag you into something. They care about you, and you can feel it. Be ruthless with your assessment of people. 


This world is a jungle.


Be the swinging vine who can get away quickly or be the prey.


Your choice.


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