How Spartanites Fight The War Of Life And Win

Dear Spartanite,


I addressed you in the Open Love Letter a while back and I want to speak with you again.


I know there are parts of you that just closes your eyes, and wishes that you weren’t alive. That you were dead. That all this pain would just go away. That you would just be some sort of normal. That “Will I ever have a life for myself?”, will this ever end? ALL Spartanites feel this. This is PART of Spartanite DNA Templating.


In history, there have been but a handful of Spartanites. Our lives are a war and we aren’t give choices not to fight them. We aren’t normal women, and normal women are not us. We didn’t come into this world with a CHOICE of if we should fight or not. We have had to fight to stay alive, we fight each day of our life, and our life is a war. Each day, we have success under the heels of our feet, and we have to raise a hand, a sword, a set of words, mental dexterity and all other Spartanite weapons to live. People will NEVER understand your intensity because they have not been given a timeline of war.


All Spartanites know WAR better than we know LOVE.


And if we are to love someone, friends, a man, these too — must be able to fight a war. Spartanites cannot accept weakness in their life. We have to be prepared to take ourselves apart, bleeding, kicking, and screaming– not to mention dying, to reassemble our destiny that is indestructible. We come to accept that our life will never be easy, and it will never be simple. People will see you as superhuman, let them. Allow them to awe of you, for only you and another Spartanite or Spartanite Man, know the pain you have had to endure to achieve what you have. Spartanite Men, have it easier than us. They are built for war. Being a man means they are ahead of the game, they can fight, and they will be rewarded. We are chastised and laughed at. We are seen “as men”, and yet more than half of the men you know Spartanite, cannot even fight for themselves; let alone fight for YOU.


A lost, lonely, and confused Spartanite will be likened to a man many times, because we do not come into the world holding onto to our Femininity. It is brutally, violently, and painfully stripped away from us. The little girl inside us, learns to protect herself because her entire life is a war. Being a Spartanite means a special type of Femininity. A Femininity that races and zips through us, the way a rally driver shifts gears at the track. Spartanites are playful, and you will be — as and when the time is right. Allow other women to have the light, breezy, and sweet edge. It does not mean you do not have it. It means there are time appropriate places to feel and show it. Do not show your weakness(es) to average people, average people are not you and do not even DARE to solicit assistance from the weak. Die but do not ask for assistance from those who are unable to  truly help you. As far as they are concerned, you have NONE.


When we go to war in the Arena of Life, we need another Spartanite to hug us and tells us we will be okay. We need Spartanite Man to kiss us, pour love into our vessel and know he will always be able to protect us. Our Femininity is natural and normal with him as with a regular woman, we happily follow his lead and love him. It doesn’t make you ANY less of a woman because you will not tolerate an aimless man. For any Spartanite, we will always and only yield to a man of courage, valor, and strength. Stop letting people shame you out of your Strength because leaving you naive would leave you open to abuse. We do not relate to masculine women, we don’t have the need to swing around any weights of power. Power is us, and we are power.


Spartanite Men fall in Love with what they see in us. We inspire them and make for fantastic wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. We raise households, children, business, villages, communities, and always support and love the men. They know we are strong in ourselves and we require their assistance, as and when necessary. Your strength isn’t alienating men, my dear. It alienates the WEAK. REMEMBER THIS. We sing, love, laugh, and cry just as every other woman does. Our horsepower is in our DNA.


Winning, is ascribed to us and is in our DNA. Our life events unfold hard and our lives crash because Plutonian energy kisses us and promises us utter chaos and destruction before we win. Then proceeds to tear us apart. They will tell you all sorts of horrible things as a Spartanite. Make you feel guilty for your courage and your strength. You’re here to fight a war, and whether that means asking God before you start your day to load you up with Courage and Strength to fight when you can barely stand or simply allow the worst to wash over you, you do it. Spartanite, I address this to you openly because I love you and I know you hide. I know you just don’t know what in the world is wrong with you, why you’re not like other women and why you do not relate to most women. It is okay. Accept your DNA templating is different and run with that. After all, when the duckling got lost and ended up adopted by a family of Swans, she always thought she was ugly before she one day saw a family of Ducks! Who ALL looked like HER. The Duckling was never ugly! She was simply misplaced and although the Swans loved her as family, SHE WAS NOT ONE OF THEM.


Your war is personal, and your war is to fight for many generations. Spartanites who are famous in history inspire us quietly for we admire and cry for the pain they have endured to pave our way and for the many generations ahead. Take strength from HISTORY and not the FUTURE. The future is dystopian and pray to do your Spartanite Work and exit this realm knowing your templating awarded you a life of pain and glory.


You do not have blood in your veins.


You have lava. 


Lava cannot be cooled down. Lava BURNS.


Stop expecting people with blood, to understand Lava.


Only the Strong survive.