How To Achieve True Greatness In Your Life + Prerequisites for Success

The truth is neither polite, and nor is it convenient.


Greatness, is an elevated and dignified standard of Living. 


I’ll save the motivational nonsense and woke garbage, for your Spiritual and Business “Gurus” (not looking for a defamation lawsuit here, so I’ll keep their names out of my blog…) and your “I made a 6/7 figure empire, look at how great I am.” It is very SIMPLE to create a 6, multiple 6, and 7 figure business when you are providing the right help for the right audience without telling the whole world what you have (and don’t…). Receiving money is the easy part, creating the blueprints of it’s arrival? Not so much.


What I promise in my blogs, is real, true, and, grounded Hope to get to your next level when you’re an individual that is hungry, willing, and, a self-starter. No matter what level a person is at, when you state your prize to me, I strategize a way to help you CLAIM AND WIN IT.


Success isn’t for everyone.


Not everyone is willing to undergo the process of transformation and do what it REALLY takes and requires. Most people just talk. And talk is all they have and ever will be.


To achieve success, one must be a self-starter, driven, determined, and, intelligent enough to grasp concepts that span the alchemical and chemical….(material and spiritual words, basically). There is no amount of anything, no magick, no “energy work” that replaces good ol’ fashioned HARD WORK.  This is why some confused people can buy the whole Spartanite Store — and still wonder why they don’t “see results”.


Spartanite Serpentine Magick is attached to EFFORT.  I designed it that way. It doesn’t work for the lazy and those who are unwilling to stand up and take responsibility for their own life.


Most people think that the bullshit fake made up lives by equally as redundant and irrelevant, people— you see on social media, with individuals and their fancy handbags, shots in hired hotel rooms, and maybe hired clothes (?!), and cushy holidays with gourmet food — is Success. Perhaps. Who am I to judge? For the most part, people want the fruit without the digging, and planting the little sapling and all the work that goes with it.


We are people, and I understand the “path to least resistance” — has been made worse by this whole “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” or living, thing. I am all for fancy dining, eating, and, living. I enjoy it myself and do it out of alignment. Not when it comes attached to people who have little substance (if any?), and don’t have much to offer this planet apart from being a shallow, immature, selfish, empty husk who compensate for their zero self worth in designer handbags and shallow, cheap, vulgar, distasteful manners (or herein, lack of).


The word Luxury, is often slapped on people and things, that are far from Luxury. Luxury originates from the word LUX, meaning LIGHT.


There is no LIGHT and HOPE attached to those who live an approval seeking life. They are lost causes. They clearly were/are, unable to help themselves and will lead naive, impressionable minds straight down into the lower castes and circles of Hell, itself. We are living in a fake, empty, superficial, pathetic society driven by narcissistic and attention clamouring values. People have become their gadgets, their trinkets, and, advocate for their own enslavement through unfixable, stupidity.


Real Success, is the countless nights of being committed to the goal, the goal of what you desire to bring to life, for yourself– for others. The reality is the average person isn’t willing to LET GO of those who slow them down, people, places, things, situations, circumstances, that are DEAD ENDS (why be polite about things that are by nature, crass and blunt?). With Success, is the attached tag of money. When people come to learn more about the Spirit of Money in Spartanite — there will by nature by 2 types. The first category looking for a “quick fix”, the second rare one — looking to raid my entire Spartanite Store and help themselves in the process.


I don’t help anyone and I cannot do so. They help THEMSELVES. When individuals are driven, they bring a plate (several) in tow and they help themselves to the buffet in offer, in my Store. With each step, they find the confidence and strength inside themselves, to stand up and demand more! Not just my Store mind you, they take real help from anywhere they can get.


To possess Financial Success, you must create an AVENUE to receive. Many people lack the LETTERBOX OF MONEY, something I have often spoke about — “well…how does the cheque come through the door if you have no where to post it into?”.


Money finds VALUE.


Prerequisites for Success are prices few are willing to pay, hence few possess Success. Nature is fair and just in her demands, to mortal man.


Most people cling on tightly like a kid with their prized toy to their stupidity,  bad manners, nonsense, bullshit, excuses, cognitive dissonance when you SUGGEST something that would be beneficial to them. This is why they are unable to possess MASTERY OVER SELF. Success requires a tough mentality, a mentality whereby you are mentally capable and emotionally strong to withstand the storms of the rollercoaster of the ever eternal ride you have signed up to.


Money does not qualify you for LIFE MASTERY. 


For most people, money will qualify them because most have never seen the command and possession of it, hence their degree and influence is easily swayed. Many people wanting to “teach you Success”, accept you based on your possession of the finish line “money” (it is X amount to enter), rather than a combination of that PLUS your OWN fortitude. When you possess fortitude and formidability, you do not bend for and to money, it bends FOR YOU. It serves YOU. Money will become a DISASTER in your life when you do not know how to handle large amounts of it. Expand your FINANCIAL VOLTAGE first.


Your “gurus” want to sell you a dream. They want you to emulate them because they know you’re too dumb, and, easily led, to think for yourself. I encourage every single person who comes to read this blog. I want you to be YOURSELF. Think for yourself. Help yourself. Many people want to “upgrade” their life however they are not WILLING to do what it takes — meaning changing attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, people, places, circumstances, situations, and, things to align with an honourable standard of life.




Mastery is for the bold and daring.


Only you can choose for yourself…