How To Balance The Left & Right Hand Paths In Your Spirituality

Many people are completely lost and disorientated when it comes to Spirituality and Religion.


It really comes as no surprise that religion has caused a lot of pain (deliberately) in this world.


I have no problem with religion. It is the twisted, warped messages that really drive everyone crazy, and create neurosis. Since I was very young, I was never attached to the faith I was born into but I saw it’s power first hand and have a tremendous amount of respect for it. I loved it enough to go down the road of Arabic Magick which is a natural form of it, something that most people would consider “forbidden” or “evil”, because you can use the texts to create the reality of your own. I fully know I do not do any evil work for myself or for anyone, neither do I condone it; (infact I am busy saving people from evil)… however how does one balance a desire to pursue greatness for Self, with all religions telling you “you’re going to hell” for practically everything?


A lot of people come to me lost, confused, and afraid. Dogma causes psychic bondage in people. Many are deeply surprised to discover that I have very strong belief in the Almighty, The Supreme Creator, God –, and I see the wisdom in some religious teachings, but I am Spiritual, I practice my normal psychic gift daily, work with Spirits in general, work with the Daemonic Divine, honour the olde magickal traditions and can still stay sane. From my mother’s lineage, we are gifted in the Occult arts and my great grandfather was an Occultist and a Djinn conjurer and his precision on ritualistic work, was second to none.


“You can either pick either or, you cannot pick both”




People always used to tell me, oh you need to pick a side.


I am here to tell you, that you do not. You can pick and choose whatever the hell you like.


You are free to work with any honourable high ranking being and they will not get in the way of your religion, your faith, or whatever you choose. You’re not “going to hell” for it, in fact, you will vibrate higher and be able to respect people of ALL traditions, religions, faiths, creeds, castes, and walks of life; because you possess balance. The right hand path is traditional religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc). The Left Hand Path, is Luciferianism/Daemonic Divine and it is easy to combine them both without warring and thinking you have to pick a side. You may not want to pick rice over fries, and want to have them both with the salmon you eat on your plate (if you eat meat). You don’t have end up with psychosis and throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Some people have come and asked us, if working with Clauneck, for instance; makes them burn in hell. Or if they need to sell their soul to him. I understand the misconceptions of this. Clauneck is an old god, and does not require anything of the sort. He does not require a human soul, or anything nefarious for the matter. All that is required is you work on your natural intuition, and he is more like your Father (well, he is to me) or Older Brother, that guides you along and helps you with your life. I have never felt afraid to work with him, never felt anything weird or off, if anything; I have a very strong relationship with him how I would talk to a Business Investor/Mentor about what next steps are. He is of high rank, and regal in nature, so he’s here to help humanity along and is actually doing a lot of his part to fight evil and what is wrong in the world, by empowering and strengthening people’s financial mentalities.


There are some things that walking with the Left Hand, has taught me about personal independence, freedom, and equality that religion could have never given me. There are some Pagan Arabian and Islamic teachings that I learned from my Right Hand Path following, that really helped me understand more about structure, order, and living a new life, away from evil. The Left Hand, understands Buddhism and Hinduism more, and through the Left, I understood these faiths more as well, and welcomed their wisdom into my life 🙂 I also honour the Goddess that traditional religions refuse to acknowledge, because I am a woman and I understand my own divinity.


As an Occultist myself, I want you, the reader, to know that you can easily honour your families beliefs, and create a life for yourself.


As long as you don’t go around hurting people, it is wise for you to keep an open mind and LISTEN to what someone has to say, even though on first account, it may seem a bit weird. I remember coming across a guy in California who practices his Spirituality EXACTLY how I do, and I was so stunned I could have found someone else who is from my culture, my faith, and was able to tie in Kabalistic and Occult knowledge so well, and in such an empowering fashion. Many people squash their normal psychic gifts down because religion tells them that all types of Occult work, is evil. So they miss out on what would have the power to TOTALLY transform them.


Occult means, hidden. That’s about all. It’s the real spiritual knowledge hidden from mankind to keep them oppressed and enslaved.


It is not evil, it is your natural birthright to listen to your intuition and choose the path(s) that work BEST for you. If one religion calls to you, and you want to combine it with Magickal/Occult work, do it. If only the Left appeals, do it. If only the Right appeals (well you wouldn’t be here reading this, because you would consider me evil lol — but maybe you’re curious, so I accredit that), then stick with that.


But please, stop confusing everyone and saying mean things about people’s choice to walk down their path, no matter what they choose. I understand everyone’s concerns about “working with evil”, and I will in closing, wrap up by saying USE YOUR INTUITION. You will often FEEL something is OFF.


There are some people who work with the LHP who are lovely and balanced, some are just plain evil. I can often tell someone who works with the Left, who is empowering, or whom has fallen, and has now turned against The Divine and practices dishonourable work. Some people who work with the RHP, some are lovely and balanced, some are using religion to hide a multitude of evil. There isn’t much difference, it is about following the path of THE DIVINE, and something that keeps you in line with healthy, whole energy.


As long as you’re not joining hands with evil, no matter what you’re doing, I have respect for you 🙂


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