How To Be Of Service To Others & Change Lives Through Entrepreneurship

Many people want to make a buck. Few, can ever make a difference. 


I was responding to an Instagram message the other day and an ad caught my attention. I looked at it and thought “yep, let me guess. funnels, ads, clicks,” etc. And my mind just thought “Entrepreneurship has become the same thing as Employment–everyone just follows each other like sheep these days“. There used to be times that Entrepreneurship, was a pioneering feat and something that was lauded as true risk taking. Now you have jumped up people like squirrels on caffeine and cocaine telling people how to “make money, make money”.




Lord, just please take the wheel and make it stop — those are my thoughts half the time.


After a long conversation in a mentoring sedation, sitting with one of the men I mentor, we both agreed that the true Divine nature of Entrepreneurship, is to transform other people’s lives.


Many businesses operate on pure profit and even though their products/services sell WELL, REALISTICALLY, no one would really miss it, if it went off the market.


I remember being in this dichotomy many years back. My first business was a day spa/salon and I wanted women to “feel good”. Over time, I grew more into my Divine self, and I discovered that there is NO amount of beauty that can make a woman feel good, if she feels like crap on the inside. I saw that paradigm extend to men. I wanted to be of service to humanity whereby people TRULY FELT it was WORTH their investment, time, and, money, to invest in the services I chose to offer. I had coffee with my accountant the other day and we were discussing how he can make MORE of an IMPACT on people. He’s a pretty cool guy, friendly, and his personality retains most of his people.  He wanted to grow the business more, and we brainstormed 10 things at his desk together and I saw the light turn on in his eyes.


Sometimes you just need a pattern interrupt 🙂


If you’re not a predatory psychopath who goes around destroying people’s lives, what makes you happy as a human being, is being of SERVICE to others. Entrepreneurship REALLY provides that avenue because it is literally asking YOU to do whatever you want. Which means that your OWN UNIQUE special unique sauce, is life-changing for someone. Most people do business from a mundane perspective, from a perspective of “what can just make me the most?” and then end up wondering why the hell they are miserable no matter come hell or high water. I absolutely agree with building a solid stable base of monetary assets, and wealth, done in an elegant fashion without manically hurrying from one thing to the next and achieving no satisfaction.


Now, you may already run a business reading this. You may be a start-up, you may be seasoned. You may be thinking of running one. Or the idea may appeal to you. Either way, we are ALL in the business of YOU. YOU, meaning listening to OTHERS and being of most value to them.


I want you to really think what you are able to sell to others that provides the HIGHEST amounts of value, and something that will give you emotional satisfaction and transform their life too.


I’ll provide an example. I was having breakfast once at an event, and a man came and introduced himself. He asked me what I did, I briefly mentioned I wrote books and ran a business. I didn’t mention Spartanite AT ALL. He ended up finding out through his own curiosity of Googling me. When I asked him over breakfast what he did, he mentioned he was a Bitcoin investor and also that he invested in real estate and had some other business interests equally. As he was talking, I felt to stop him and ask “I know you’re financially successful but are you emotionally happy? Are you REALLY aligned with all this? Or was this a way to get you out of where you once were at a monetary level…”. I didn’t see a shard of TRUE DIVINE HAPPINESS and PEACE inside him. He had all this stuff going on, as a distraction from looking at his internal self and having the courage to face who he really is, was, and can become — if he can just sit still. Many people are in this hyped up manic rush, however if you really ask yourself how to be of service, all these ventures aren’t needed. ONE solid venture is enough and just create horizontal marketing branches under it. You can have varied business interests, however make sure they are in alignment with your PURPOSE.


Your life is the sum of the questions that you ask yourself all the time.


Being of service, lends us of ONE question ONLY.


How are you being of service to others?


Serve others, and you in turn, will be rewarded well. That is the first and last tenet of true Divine Leadership.


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