How To Be Sexually Charming and Graceful As A Lady

Life is already challenging for a woman, and the advent of Feminism, has completely destroyed women. 

What began as a respectful notion for women to voice their epithets and concerns for how they felt they had been treated, has turned into a nightmare that is only described as journeying to Dante’s Inferno Level 10 (if there is such a thing) of Hell in a handbasket. I was reading a woman’s piece of writing whilst doing something on LinkedIn the other day, and whilst her ability to be exceptionally candid and unnervingly discharming about the male gender, was accurate — her approach was horrendous.

She spoke about the ills of Feminism, the hardwiring all men have to their cock (which is true) however the manner it was written in, made myself and all my Lady Spirits, cringe to the high heavens. She sounded like a low class common sex worker who had no manners and grace, in how she chose to present herself. Belvia, my main spirit guide commented immediately if this woman had a graceful way of speaking to people who were commenting on her articles in a tactful way, she would have gotten quite far. She was rude, abrasive, and for a woman who detests Feminism herself, she’s surely been drinking a lot from the Feminism Lemonade. Being bitter, brash, and angry about situations, doesn’t help anyone. It is certainly not a comely trait on women nor will it ever be. Gone are the days, where young women ACTUALLY had to go to Finishing schools to have a proper place in society. Now, you can just take all your clothes off and be slutty. For free. As Goddess Innana has often said to me when we have spoken “A man in today’s age doesn’t need the services of a prostitute any longer for the modern woman who roams the street in this age, is a common whore. Why pay for something if she’s advertising it in the first place?”. Innana was not smiling when she said this. She looked disgusted. “The woman says she has written books and teaches sex based seminars? Why doesn’t she simply address it to sex workers and hence forth, save most women the time and effort on it?”

“Nadia, didn’t we get married in our day? We had proper long dresses to cover our modesty but of course, the elite engineering…” and she trailed off. I will never forget asking King Clauneck about why most men of today don’t like decent women to which he replied “Few decent women are left and men’s sexual systems are in overdrive. They have been programmed like Tom in Tom & Jerry to have their eyes bug out and tongue loll to the ground when they see an attractive woman. So much so, nothing else about a woman matters any longer. You can blame this on pornography. So decent women for the most part, are simply looked over until a man gets his sex drive under control

A lot of women do not realise that the pendulum swings and there are two tenets to this pendulum. Sexual Grace and Sexual Charm. Sexuality is NOT overt. A man can see a sexual woman from a mile away and in today’s age, what he thinks sexual is, is a slutty woman. Slutty women are not sexual. They pretend to be, to deeply hide all the insecurities that lie within, by stripping their body bare as a shield and defence so a man can never get close to their emotional body that has been so hurt and damaged. Again, there are types of Ladies in the sex based industry, some are cheap and some are classy and Courtesan like. The best advice I give all Ladies openly reading this, is to cultivate a type of charm that is not overt. Having good manners, is a form of respect to yourself and to the quality man that you give your time to.

You do not have to be bold to the point of brash and rude. Boldness doesn’t mean rude. It simply means showing up in a strong way that makes people take notice.

You do not have to take any article of clothing off, to be “seen”. There comes two extremes of this. Women who simply shy away from sex and anything sexually related, due to early traumatic programming, abuse, religious shame etc or women who totally go all out. Activating your sexuality comes from deep acceptance within yourself. Please stop shouting and screaming like most women in today’s age, you can simply whisper and you will be heard BASED on the quality of your words. Sex is something Divine and Fun and should incorporate both elements. Too much Divinity, you end up pushing it away and shamed. Too much fun, you end up promiscuous.

Being sexually mannered means having grace, charm, and refinement. It begins with the respect a Lady has for herself and her PUBLIC image that people see. I often come across a beautiful woman (I have seen her around on Twitter). She is a Vegan bodybuilder with a beautiful body but I always find myself asking “Why do I need to see ALL of her body? Why is this girl so angry?”. I am confident she can contribute to great causes without every second picture taking back shots. If you have a wonderful behind, I am sure your clothes can showcase it. She is a typical example of angry insecurity, someone who flaunts what she has under the guise of her “job” to desperately seek validation in her heart. She has a boyfriend. Does he not ever think how many people are staring at the woman he loves? Or perhaps he does not care?

These are so many questions I have asked myself, and I know sane minded people think the same thing. 

Each to their own. 

However, sexual charm, and feminine grace never go out of fashion. <3 

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