How To Be Treated Regal In Modern Times

“If you don’t know who rules over you, just learn who you are not allowed to criticize” — Voltaire

The average human, has fallen so far from grace; that truly for most people, there is no redemption. 

The Cabal has inducted people to live like sewer rats. In squalid, dirty, cramped, and miserable conditions. The average human is desperate,  poverty stricken, saddened, fatigued and for majority of the time, suicidal.

In saying that, there is a sure fire way to build you life where you possess natural command and dominion not only over your life, but other people. Now, this is not an advocate to manipulate and lie to people (in case some troll is wondering). This is naturally assuming a worthy leadership position, where your presence and words hold Gravitas (heaviness and respect of your induction to life). In order for allow others to respect you, they MUST EVIDENTLY WITNESS respect you hold for yourself.

Most people’s decisions and life, is a joke. They find everything and anything funny, because they themselves are a joke.

There is nothing serious about their efforts, or endeavours — and henceforth; they venture out into a world where they are greeted by the energy that they present themselves with. To be treated Regal, it is less about what you say (although that helps in one facet of the Diamond you wish to create) and more about your energy. When you begin not tolerating garbage and nonsense from people any longer, those who use you (or have used you), will become enraged. How dare you have a new boundary and standard to adhere by? Some will respect the new boundary, most become furious. They will threaten you. They will guilt trip you. Alas, that is why the boundary exists in the first place. As and when your worth climbs up, step by step, the way you will present yourself — will be charmed, regal, and splendid.

Something Spartanite, specialises in. 

Get away and leave behind people who laugh at your dreams. I used to know someone who said to me “Oh. Still working 100 days a week, huh?”. Being a narcissist, it was the last pathetic attempt she tried to make me feel bad for grand ambitions and where I wanted to be in life. You do not have to tolerate people’s garbage, for you’re not a dustbin. Stop letting people treat you like shit, by accepting it; and then wondering why good things don’t show up in your life. The last time I checked, she’s still where she is. She said that comment to me when I had worked 14 days, non stop without a break and was teary walking back to the train station (you know when you cry because you’re so tired and overwhelmed — that.). Stop allowing people who don’t speak a word of LIFE into your life, have a place at your banquet table. STOP HURTING YOURSELF.

Carrying yourself with Regal energy means that low energy and low frequency people cannot approach you.

I said to one of my wonderful Spartanites not too long ago “Stop giving access to carrot type of men”. Carrot men (a Spartanite termpetty thieves pretending to do Spiritual Work when you’re a thieving, cheating psychopath; stop visiting people’s sites and stealing our phrases, we see you clearly..) are men (joke of an idiot — as I call them) who have nothing to offer you. No ambition, broke (and not trying to improve at ALL), loser bums, who lie, cheat, and see you as a hole to stick their diseased cock into it. The carrots who play mind games, by dangling the carrot infront of you and take it away. WHY ARE YOU ACCEPTING A CARROT WHEN SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE A WHOLE FIELD OF THEM WITHOUT ASKING? Stop allowing your worth to be so low, that you go around accepting anything to drink when you full well know it is poison. Men, stop allowing low caliber women to drain you, stamp them out. Reclaim yourself.

Regal energy, doesn’t entertain any type of drama, nonsense, or stupidity. 

Regal energy eliminates ANYTHING not healthy around it. 

Regal energy is discriminating, discerning, and discreet. 

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