How To Build Inner Emotional Stability With Grace

Inner stability is one of the TOUGHEST things to master, most especially when a person comes from abandonment, codependency, and, a broken life.

Many people know how to play the part, and can even walk the talk — to some fine line or degree. And yet, what they really miss is INNER stability. The stability that comes along with moving plates where you are required to keep your balance even when the floor under you is either on fire, cracking, or – as we find, simply not even there.

Many a times, you ask yourself “am I mad? Sad? Was I just such a bad person?”. And yet, trauma makes us behave in incredulous ways that people who have not experienced an immense amount of trauma, simply cannot imagine. The reality is that being kind and patient to yourself, pays dividends. We are not taught that.

Sadly, what we do come to learn what this world truly is, a world that outside a bubble is nothing but laced with kegs of gunpowder and the love that you can create for yourself. It is

Stability is not a myth. It is something that the magickal world helps us create, far past the chaos and the drama can bring us. Stability is the ability to feel your feet solidly planted on the floor as well as the self-belief and RELIANCE a person has on their own self. Society teaches us to rely on everyone else and in most cases, we come to find that people will always have something to disappoint us with. Magick helps us create a sense of clarity, reliance, and, direction — something, a tool, we can ALWAYS rely on and fall back on — to feel like we can get through things.

Emotional stability is having a spiritual anchor.

Some people pray, others meditate, others practice magick, and some of us, like myself — do it all.

The major thing with emotional stability is that it comes from a place of feeling safe within yourself and that is something many people do not and cannot feel, especially where the elements of abuse (in both overt and hidden forms) is present, not to mention a sense of your body feeling uneasy.