How To Cope Being A Sensitive & Loving Person In A Psychopathic World

This world is run by psychopaths, for psychopaths, in the interest of aggrandizing them. 


One of the toughest things I ever had to deal with, is protecting my pretty, beautiful loving heart from Evil. And THEN extending that safety net through my work, to other good people through Spartanite. I don’t tolerate garbage, nonsense, and bullshit from evil because I am fed up to the teeth seeing how this world has been (and is, being) destroyed because genuinely GOOD people are not standing up to fight. 


I say this as both a BUSINESS MINDED and Grit Based Occultist and a Clairsentientally gifted psychic. I say this as a SEASONED Entrepreneur. I am not on the Love and Light spectrum, Mindful practitioner, yoga teacher, or a hippie “guru”. I come from the dark, strong, gritty, scrappy, however feminine, EDGE. Like bitter black coffee 🙂 My brand of GRATEFUL LOVE is INTENSE. And I LOVE it that way.


Many people come to Spartanite when they are absolutely desperate, totally hopeless, and sometimes have a week or 2, to live. They tried so much and I wish I was their FIRST choice, but they often come when I have no choice but to work at the speed of light and thunder combined to save them. I had to accept that being loving, caring, and kind, comes with it’s own downfalls.




I trained myself to deal with near-death cases as an Ace of Spades woman, who has danced with death so many times, even death got fed up of me and left, until it is my actual time. Business, Relationships, Health,  Removing Black Magick, Removing Djinn, Money, Guidance, Occultism, Divine Love, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and the list carries on — as I have to deal with all these cases on a daily basis and not become insane.


I had to give solutions to people and KNOW they work. There are some days I see good people, filled with goodness and beauty in their heart, and we hurt the WORST. I see that pain in people’s eyes, the quiet suffering, pretending like everything is okay, but you’re dying on the inside. I have seen this on instances, and then think “atleast not all of humanity is fucking dead…yet..”


But how do we cope? How do you cope when you KNOW your heart is good and all you see is evil and blackness in everything around you? What do you do when, despite no matter what you have materially and financially, you struggle to remain human in a world that is DESPERATE TO STRIP YOUR HUMANITY OFF YOU?


Firstly, you have to leave behind anything naive inside you, anything inside you that tells you that this is a good world and people are inherently good. They are NOT. People will not leave one stone unturned to fuck you up, given the chance. I don’t say this from being bitter and jaded, I say this with a world of experience of LIVING in this world. One cannot substitute reading books (although my all books sound like my blog and aren’t something for timid, scared and afraid people who live in a fantasy world) for a LIFE WELL LIVED. This is not to say good people don’t exist, just know they are a RARE FIND. Man or Woman.


People are mean, petty, obnoxious, selfish, self-centered, cruel, evil, and materially based to get to the top. The psychopathic traits have spread so far and wide, it is a challenge to find real loving humans any more. As a woman who always chose Entrepreneurship for herself as a means of surviving and thriving, I always used to ask myself why people are so fucking cold, cruel, and mean. Why are they fake? Why are they pretending to be something they are not? Why are they a sheep? Why is a good, kind, loving person shit on so many times — they just simply cut anyone off? What is WRONG with people? Why, why, why? The questions in my brain, drove me crazy. I began writing as a way to help my understanding and empower others. I want you to know that if you know in your HEART you’re a good person (and don’t fool yourself, you KNOW if you are or not) — stop giving people benefit of the doubt, especially when your intuition rings alarm bells around them.


Being kind, loving, compassionate, grateful, and genuine, shouldn’t have doormat written all over it. You’re not a stomping ground for Evil. You have the power to say no, to stand up and fight, to do what is right and know you’re doing your bit to help others; without feeling your beautiful beating heart needs to be shit on all the time. There is NO shame in being Sensitive and feeling things. I feel things so much and cry even more. No one can shame me from my tears, my feelings, and my emotions. Why? I have done the work emotionally. When you’re sensitive and emotional and you feel a lot, it is your MORAL DUTY TO YOURSELF to always create powerful boundaries and only associate with those who lift your spirits.


I want to tell you, no matter WHO you are reading this, that your life means something.


You were not sent to this world “just to make money”, or to pay bills and die, or to be the people pleaser who cannot find the power to say no, in a graceful way. You are worthy of ALL life has to offer and it will come to you in stages. You are worthy no matter how badly horrible people treated you, you are worthy no matter what you look like, what money you have or don’t have, whether you grew up with abundance of wealth or in a household filled with never enough, you’re worthy and whole DESPITE everything you feel inside. You are worthy whether you were abused, raped, hurt, molested, abandoned, neglected, bullied and shamed. Do NOT let the psychopathic mentality break you any further.


Your emotions are all you have. Yes, they are like a little sack each human carries, and we can deal with them in healthy, happy ways. Your sensitivity does not have to be a curse when you can do so much with it. When you learn the power of saying NO and honouring yourself, you will learn to LOVE YOURSELF in your aloneness and solitude. You do not have to keep people around you for the sake of keeping people around. One of the hardest challenges Sensitives (men or women) face, is the fear of being ALONE. In that solitude, do we really have to sit and FEEL. And feelings are often hard (going back to the little sack story!).


I coped with having a big heart in this world, by having tight boundaries; so I could help, lead, and serve the CORRECT people who were deserving of me. I love you, and I hope you find the courage to love yourself as well.


Because you are deserving, no matter what you have come from and what your story is 🙂