How To Create Abundance From a Place Of Scarcity

This is one of my favourite topics to write on. I woke up this morning and thought to myself “Wow. So all lack is just basically believing an abundance of something doesn’t exist”. How fascinating.

People traditionally think that abundance means money, but it doesn’t. It means plentiful. One can be abundant in their love life, giving and receiving Love FREELY to people, well before it shows up in the relationship. Another can be abundant with their finances, circulating money to others and then in the natural order of things, receiving it back. The trouble traditionally comes from when we GIVE and we’re not seeing anything back, and we then start to wonder if we are broken, useless, defective—if love or money or whatever other coveted source, passed us by.

The answer is always a no, because nothing that is meant for you, passes you by. There is most certainly light at the end of the tunnel, for I am living proof of that light. A light that I chose to magnify and expand to show others that there is HOPE (Nadia means Hope) in the world. It isn’t an easy job to begin Spartanite work, to work on YEARS and perhaps even DECADES of wrongful scarcity programming. That there is never enough money, not enough good men or women, nothing ever works out. All our thoughts, send out beams and we have to be careful what we’re thinking consistently.

So why do people stay stuck in a place of scarcity?

It’s a really fascinating question for me to answer. The answer 10 times out of 9, is always spiritual. There is some sort of psychic bondage somewhere that is blocking the natural flow of sunshine in your life. This can be as simple as your roads being blocked through negative energy, through baneful magick being cast on you, family generational curses through bloodlines and of course, low sludge demonic spirits that I, personally had on me–and had them taken out. As soon as that was done, I got busy cleaning the damage up (which looks like walking barefoot on HOT BOILING coals!) and things did align for me. I often find most people’s roads are blocked and I, traditionally serve people MOST with a Road Opener Ritual, something that has worked for years for me. In this ritual, I, remove all the negative energy stuck to you from wherever it’s point of origin is, freeing you and making you shine.

In other rituals, yes I break magick and remove low spirits as well — so if you’re looking to get ahead in life, you’re always free to contact me through our contact form.

Creating Abundance is simple once we allow ourselves to believe that the very thing we desire, EXISTS. I think that’s one of the major blocks for us, as a peoples. We are so used to our story of lack and hardship, that it then ends up becoming a badge of honour. We love telling everyone how hard it has been because we secretly harbour an entitlement mindset, that I SHOULD get something after struggling. I personally struggled for many years, and had to really get out of my own way, to allow what I truly desired–to even find me.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the section below ­čÖé