How To Develop Wealth Consciousness and Embrace Money Magnetism

Money Magnetism, is a funny ol’ thing.

The stark reality is most people don’t have it, and as the years have gone by, I have come to realise that money in itself has a magnetic energy and quality (in energy) and in the notes and bills we use. I have carried out multiple experiments on a physical magnetic level and it led me to conclude that those who possess the deep understanding of money in itself, allow for it to always flow in, no matter how “difficult” the economy may be.

I will begin and start off by saying, that where you’re at, is a choice in life.

That statement alone will anger many people and each of them will harbour negative thoughts. Negative people can never have strong wealth consciousness, because there is always a victim mentality lurking around somewhere in the background that does not allow for us to develop more. When an individual is conscious, you are able to spot someone’s entire life based on the words that they use. And most people’s words are negative, self-defeating and filled with low self esteem.

Developing wealth consciousness, takes time. But the first place it begins from, is EFFORT. As Entrepreneurs, we early on realised that the system isn’t broken, it is designed exactly the way it’s meant to work. To keep you miserable and trapped in a place, handing over your energy every month. I will never forget the time my Dad outright kept repeating “Nadia, those who cannot handle their money, work for those who can. Go deeper into people’s MONEY habits and you will see clearly why they work for others. Working for Self takes a special type of discipline that people with victim consciousness, can never have”. 

Most people are desperate for money, especially when it comes to Business. You will see them everywhere, at events, tradeshows, online, you name it and it’s there. At a CORE level, it doesn’t matter WHAT business mentoring/high performance coaching you take, if your AURA is not shouting money, it won’t come to you. That’s the first problem most people do not realise they have (and that too, understandably). When you work on the DNA reprogramme of money, you will come to find that money finds you naturally, with grace and ease. Yes, you will still have to follow up, ask and prospect people, but it becomes simpler. It is similar to a man with magnetic masculine energy approaching women. He STILL does need to approach however the resistance that most women have towards men (because their approach is weak) is dissolved. They are open to hearing what he has to say from a leadership stance and perspective.

There was a lady I met at an event and she had a specific service she was selling. I was her ideal candidate to buy, without a shadow of a doubt. It wasn’t a necessity however I think it would have been awesome to tick it off the bucket list! I asked her more about her service and she stopped me dead in my tracks stating where we live is REALLY expensive and we all just need to survive.

My desire to buy from her was totally gone. 

I could feel the desperation and the scarcity mentality flag up so fast, because I am in alignment with money, I couldn’t bring myself to buy something from her that I actually quite wanted. There was so much resistance to even trying to pay her inside my body, I simply left it alone. Most people are trying to embrace some sort of understanding with money, only to realise they are totally repulsive to people who have money and people who understand the LAWS of money. Someone once said to me that lack consciousness isn’t just about money. I highly disagree. MONEY is the SOLE FACTOR of your relationship with everything ELSE in life. Yes, there are extenuating circumstances such as black magick, djinn possession and other nefarious spiritual factors that can and will freeze your money. Outside that, it’s up to YOU to transform and change.

Not only do you have to create a powerful money aura, you also have to reprogramme your subconscious mind to be friendly to money. You cannot pretend to have money because every single human being is energetic and FEELS this abundance or lack, irrespective of the veneer someone may put up or have.

So what is the best way to reprogramme ones self?

There are often TWO strong ways.

  1. Hang out with people who have STRONG wealth consciousness. Adopt their habits, patterns, behaviours, mannerisms and you will come to find yourself behaving in a very different way. Use cash as much as possible.
  2. Invest in the Spartanite Wealth Magnetism bracelet — a bracelet that lifts all the lack mentality from you and instills confidence to approach, embody, and fortify money in the best way possible. The magickal bracelet opens doors and opportunities for you to live a better, more fulfilled life. Of course it is up to you, to walk through them!

Wealth consciousness and the ability to build on it, comes over time. You will have to keep allowing yourself sufficient room to be able to make necessary mistakes and rewrite your story mentally to allow things to manifest in the time you desire.

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