How To Download Occult Knowledge & Make Correct Decisions

It should come as no surprise, that most people in today’s age, fall into one of two categories.

  1. Cannot ever make a decision.
  2. When a decision is made, it is always wrong and leads to worse decisions, and a never ending spiral of a messy, chaotic lifestyle. This progressively gets worse, over time.

Seeing as you are the sum of your decisions, it is befitting that you make correct decisions. Except there is one TEENY TINY problem.

Okay, I lied. It’s a big problem.

It’s the sum of all problems on this planet and in this realm. Human beings have had their memory completely and utterly wiped away after the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. If you don’t know much about this, please do research it as it will assist you in understanding why people are so incredibly lost and roam around like zombies. It is the equivalent of doing a stun gun on someone, to wipe their memory out leaving them a Tabula Rasa (Latin for blank slate), except in THAT case– through skillful training, trauma memories CAN be recovered. This wipe was practically permanent for majority of the human race. And most people will indeed, never recover. That is the sad, and hard truth.

In order to programme your computer, one must change the operating software and the human mind, is virtually no different.

Everything the average person in today’s age thinks of, is all programming nonsensical bullshit fed into their mind through psychotropics, mind control, as well as “entertainment” and scalar wave technology. All these can be used for good, but when do you ever have the enemy trying to benefit you for anything. Not only is the original memory wipe bad enough, now it comes to a point where when you begin to awaken (there are stages), booby traps have been implanted to completely subvert what can be staring you, right in front of your eyes. There is a specific reason that the Native American populace of this world, significantly suffered a mass genocide.

If you know a set of people’s, have access to a realm that potentially threatens your existence, you go after them quickly. AND FAST. That is what you’re witnessing in real time. All rules of chessboard strategic war, point to the same arsenal used — which is why a psychological fight is very much in “linear” time, the same thing everywhere. Same rules, different faces.

With that said, how is it possible to actually access Forbidden Knowledge? — Going through a set of traps to get to the Diamond that gleams in the case? Surrounded by laser beams, security guards, and a vault that is only opened through high tech finger printing technology, optic biometrics and in many cases, a swatch of your actual DNA through fresh blood or saliva? (Yes, there are many places in the world that use this).

Firstly, you have to know the Diamond exists.

Most people never aim for much, because they don’t KNOW that MUCH actually exists. Humans are creatures of hypnotic rhythm and like to stick within their race,tribe, family, due to fear of abandonment. This comes from primitive times and simply has been passed down through DNA and RNA lineage. You have to WANT more for yourself in this world, and know that you cannot and must not stop, until your personal goal has been achieved.

Personal development is a billion dollar industry, simply because it is easier to keep people in false light (the confines of the mind), instead of working on their energy body as well as reprogramming their DNA, so they are able to recover memories of this planet and of other (non-human) races, which is akin to saying “Chinese people should be helped to reinstate their collective memory, so they begin to remember that Europeans, Americans, Africans, other Asians and Australasians, exist. This will help them stop scrambling around in their own country and assist them to have better living. Their true birthright living.

Occult knowledge is forbidden because once you walk with it, no one can control you. You choose where you wish to take your life and where you wish for it to lead to. You can pass external knowledge through your psychic filters and allow it to sit and QUESTION, if it is real or not. (More than often time, it isn’t).

You owe it to yourself to make correct decisions! ­čÖé

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