How To Embrace Shiny Penny Syndrome & Succeed

As I lay in my bed a few nights ago, I thought of Shiny Penny Syndrome. I had a whole monologue going on inside my head and I wanted to cover this issue that every Spartanite faces, myself included.

In life, a Spartanite is used to dimming herself down and hiding her talents –to please other people who don’t possess Spartanite power. Over the years, I wondered what to address this issue as and I thought of naming it “Shiny Penny Syndrome”.

What is Shiny Penny Syndrome?

It is when you’re beautiful, talented, have big ambitions, big worldviews —and you possess a lot of innate charm, skill and desire to have a better life. And of course, as predicted—people want to shame you for it, by telling you to “stay in your lane”, “you’ll always be a loser”, “you’re dreaming for nothing” and other loser comments that only losers make. We possess no shortage of being surrounded by envious, jealous–good for nothing people who have given up on their life and will seek for you to live their nightmare as well. You will meet many people who will give you back-handed compliments, compliments that only a narcissist can perfect –and you need to be TRAINED MENTALLY to spot these. When you do, cut the person off–no questions asked. As you build your life up Spartanite, you must become very powerful and strong with your boundaries and what access people have to you.

A Spartanite is a shiny penny in a room filled with dull, rusty and old pennies whose light has gone out a long time ago.

You’re going to be criticized, humiliated and laughed at –just as I once was, because people want to see the OUTCOME and not the process. If you’re in your Spartanite journey right now, STAY FIRM and press on because the process is where the literal outcome actually comes from. Leave people to their mess and stupidity and small-mindedness.

Shiny Penny Syndrome is something that doesn’t develop over time, you have FELT IT in your heart from a young age. You know you’re different, you know you want more from life and people around you have always made you feel BAD for shining brightly. Fuck them. It is your time to SHINE, SPARKLE AND BLING IT ALL OUT because your shine, is going to help others find themselves. Part of creating Spartanite, was giving myself an IDENTITY of Shiny Penny Syndrome and turning shit into golddust. It’s time to leave behind the dull as dishwater people/places/things/situations that aren’t taking you anywhere and jump into the Spartanite FASTLANE of Life that provides you for the life you desire and demand for yourself.

Hold yourself to a very high standard and do not let yourself slip from it. If you’re reading this right now, you’re on this site for a GOOD REASON and this is NOT co-incidence as Spartanite work is for those who possess warrior power, be it a man or a woman. One of the fastest ways to upgrade into a Spartanite Fastlane Mentality, is to rewire and rewrite your financial story and empower yourself to become a money magnet, ON DEMAND.

Imagine money seeking YOU out, for a change.

Imagine possess a wealth consciousness enough, so powerful—there is no lack ever in your life again.

If this sounds like a dream come true, check this powerful piece of art I designed to help you achieve that dream.