How To Escape A Narcissistic Woman

So much is written on Male Narcissists, that no one ever seemingly stops to think how many Predatory women exist.

I am going to write this post and be as HONEST as I can with men. Many average women will not like this post. Many men may find some semblance of normality in it. Take of it what you can and will. 

To a degree, each person (especially in the modern age), has narcissistic traits. It isn’t exactly a bad thing. It crosses the line when someone has NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) and you are trapped in a Stockholm Syndrome Relationship with these lunatics who beat you down through psychological torture, verbal abuse, and of course through sadistic manipulation, keep you locked as they feed off your energy. From a very young age, I knew inside my heart that I wasn’t like other girls. I hated gossip. I didn’t care about a hierarchy of who looked the best and I didn’t waste my time on stupid, pointless endeavours. As most girls and women do.

I didn’t give it much thought, until I started to realise how little I actually liked women’s company. Wondering what was wrong, I began spending a lot of time with my own self and found a lot of men boring, irritating, and annoying as well. There would be the odd woman I met that was well acquainted with, during my travels, her company and presence was wonderful like a big sister, she would be fun and awesome to be friends with. The rest were a nightmare. I didn’t really know what the hell to do with myself. I wish someone had told me that this was a typical Spartanite trait of Isolation. Fortunately, I am miles better with other women now and embrace great friends with other ladies 🙂

Most men are shockingly NAIVE on how manipulative and dangerous a woman can be.

Since we are little, as girls we know that a boy can outrun, and hit us. We know boys are stronger than us. We know and are very aware of biological differences. So what happens is the average girl grows up to be a woman who conducts psychological violence against men. Most women are very selfish and only think of themselves. They are unmet bucket of needs, wants, and demands – and I can attest to this PERSONALLY after serving many average women through variant jobs in various sectors I have done. All most average women do, is bitch about men. That is their predominant hobby. And genuinely speaking, most women are average and think they are something special. They aren’t. It never ONCE stops to cross their mind that a man is a human being, and also has his weaknesses, flaws, and complexes that he is battling inside. Most women are mentally and emotionally children who are waiting for some man to come and rescue and save them from their pitiful, pathetic life that they are too lazy to mentally do anything about.

With that said, narcissistic women take the absolute cake on this.

Most women with some guidance, will seek some sort of help. I don’t know how far this can go but I have met some BRILLIANT Ladies in my lifetime, and I truly admire some women, their resilience, strength, and determination. I admire them as a human being, not just as a fellow woman. The narcissistic woman, being a psychological predator of all sorts, studies people with a hawk eye, since she has been young. There are many sexist websites that highlight her characteristics, but fall on deaf ears because it comes across as “there is another man hating women”. There is rational truth to some of what is written. Escaping a narcissistic woman, is a million times harder than escaping the male variety of these species. Once a man is caught up with this type of woman, it will be a roller-coaster that is very challenging to escape from.

A Narcissistic woman is filled with promise. Melancholic eyes, she weaves a web of sadness, intrigue, lies, as well as a jaded rotten past. There is nothing wrong with leaving behind a rotten past as I did, and speaking of the tale of overcoming it for lasting empowerment. It is a true problem when it is laid as a trap, deep in the forest with an inviting seductive charm. Predatory women, are highly charismatic. It is the best way to lure in the bait. Women are very aware that men are sex crazed, and relish their sexual power over men. For the most part, women do it to equal the scales; for the female narcissist, she does it to ensnare.

Cluster B women have higher levels of testosterone that they can hide fairly well, and will exploit the hell out of a man if needs be. If you are a man reading this, not every woman is a bat shit psycho. I promise you this. Some ladies are genuinely kind hearted, honourable, and DO respect men. One needs to practices the Tenets of Femininity, in order to be so; as a woman, however rest assured you must know what you are dealing with.

These type of women are always looking for men who have an empty void. I used to be friends with two of them and I realised how fast I worked out that one was a sadistic narcopath (a narcissistic psychopath) and also the other was a borderist (a borderline narcissist). Both women were remarkably intelligent, and yet when I looked at their tale — it was the exact same thing. Evil simply emanated from both of them, even though they were both on the Spiritual trip. Looking inviting, one was able to make a lot of money and one wasn’t. They both used the same techniques that underlay. Narcissistic women are fragile, and always resort to envious digs. They look to separate you from your friends and family, and people that love you — and challenge your masculinity. If you are a woman reading this, a narcissistic woman would still want your supply and hate your guts at any turn that you are better than her. She will seek to steal all the good inside your soul and discard you before you work it out.

Removing narcissistic women from your life, is harder than taking your foot out of a bear trap.

I have personally seen these brilliant nutcases in action, and it is terrifying how fast they can move. Escaping a narcissistic woman, be it a man or woman reading this, requires very strong boundaries to stamp out those who encroach you. Women narcissists are very smart at working out a man who didn’t have a strong feminine role model as a mother, aunt, older cousin, or sister , to prey on. Many men have been failed by their mothers which comes as no surprise, given the society we live in; and they cash in on this. FAST.

I will advise anyone reading this , not to be a doormat and know when to set your limits and tell people about them. Tell them once. They don’t listen? Remove them. Simple. It sounds harsh but as I wrote an article — Stop saying yes to shit you hate, which can be found here — you will only know when this type of evil woman has done nothing but use and abuse your heart.

If you are a man reading this, AVOID MODERN FEMINISTS AT ALL COSTS. This will be something your mother and sister never told you, but as a woman, it is my duty to equally educate and inform menfolk. Feminism and narcissism, go hand in hand. 

If you are a woman reading this, filter out your boundaries in what you accept from women who do nothing but throw sly digs at you and cut you down. Let them take the garbage someplace else. This is why I created the Predator Block for both men and women, that can be found in our store. Inspired by all the Cluster B pain that I personally endured, using Planetary threads and Powerful Arabian Magick — a predator won’t know what’s hit them.

Narcissists & Psychopaths — we see you. And we are ready for war.

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