How To Express Emotions Appropriately In Leadership

“Emotions are a luxury for the Strong. We only feel them when everyone else has cried on our shoulder and in the dark. Away from the world” — Anonymous


Leadership, is an interesting concept. Many people are bosses (so to speak), however they will never become a leader because one of the chief traits of Leadership, is Stoicism. A Stoic individual, is considered both good and bad and yet when I have sat with THE Council (the team of Spirits I work with), a lot of the male spirits say the same thing. “Ladies, get to express more because they are not natural born leaders as The Creator, has ordained”. As one proceeds and descends into the blazing furnace of Maturity, you will learn what to share, what to deflect, what to hide, and what to expose. Each at your own peril.


Many women lament and cry that men do not show emotion, and I, as a woman, can attest; that most of these women, are simply children (and shall stay that way). And children always require some sort of safe harbour. As a kid, you didn’t feel very protected or safe if you saw either parent crying. It rang warning bells that something was wrong and sent you into panic mode. Most men will never show a woman their emotions because they FULL WELL KNOW the aftermath of doing so. Unless the woman stood infront of them, is actually a WOMAN and not a little girl playing dress up woman, they won’t show the emotion. A WOMAN is able to handle a man’s emotion without emasculating him further than this world certainly does and will be able to be someone with whom he can seek consort, balance, and stability. Most women would like to think they are women, but as Goddess Durga once mentioned to my mother “Life is a test, and only extreme hardship ennobles a human being into something worthy of living“, I would like to stand firm with her statement.


As a Leader, you’re not allowed to cry infront of people, and it takes a great amount of security and courage to be able to do so (and not have a whole aftermath about it). There is a huge stigma and shame attached to tears because it is when predators know you are most vulnerable to attack. And attack they will. You’re not allowed to express you have had a bad day, or you feel low and sad because “shut up and suck it up” like everyone else does. This is why the suicide rate is up in the world (among other “helpful” factors…), not to mention depression and the rise of mental disorders and illnesses. If you do not have fierce, powerful sex, or a trusted confidante to share your inner most feelings with, you WILL BECOME INSANE. Such is the nature of life. When you are strong, people think you’re made of Stone. I, personally once made the mistake of sharing with someone I had, had an immensely tough day, and tough days are common for me and I just howl cried for 2 hours.


The response?


“Why are you crying, Nadia? You’re such a strong woman.”


I didn’t feel bad at all. It goes back to the statement that when you’re strong, you cannot show emotion to weak people. Because for most people, when you cry, you’re weak. Canny that — at birth, when a baby cries, it shows LIFE, does it not? If the baby isn’t crying, it isn’t alive. Tears show life but for most, we all know, it signals weakness.


And most people in this world are weakened because nothing in life has ever tested their mettle to FIGHT when they need to the most. In Leadership, your people (army, employees etc) look to YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’re dying inside, you cannot show anything. If the man of the house starts crying when his wife and children are beside themselves and screaming, that isn’t going to help anyone. Yes indeed, this is a masculine way of thinking (before someone goes off on their troll rant) and I advise both men and women to adopt this strategy, as and when necessary. Show your vulnerability as a Leader WHEN it is necessary. I am not advocating roaming around like a stone, and unleash your emotion all guns blazing when necessary. Most women are terrified to be strong because they are frightened by the thought of alienating men. They are so desperate to be liked by men (it is feminine nature to be such)… It is sad and unfortunate that many men do not come into themselves as a Being, however rather develop into their ego that sadistically looks to conquer everything. When a man is secure in himself, he only looks for Strength in a woman, and not a little princess he has to save.


Strong people, do not have CHOICES in Strength. 


Leadership requires fortitude, and courage. A courage impossible to forge when immaturity still lies in you. Leadership is a crown, few can wear because it speaks of humility, empathy, kindness, restraint, resolve, and power. It speaks to compassion, dignity, and Love.


It speaks to leading yourself, before you dare to lead anyone else.


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