How To Feel Your Feelings (& Heal Your Heart)

If you do not feel your feelings, in any shape or capacity — you will die. 


That is not an alarming statement, that is the truth.


(But the truth is seemingly so alarming to most these days, that is the penalty of living a life which is nothing but a lie….)


Moving onto the Gold — like we do in life 😉


It should come as no surprise and it is little secret that we live in psychopathic world. I have scribed many posts on this matter that the common person (per default) of today is nothing but an abusive sociopath, a bully, cowardly, immature, mean, ungrateful, demanding, entitled, disrespectful, indecent, and, of course (my favourite), selfish. The Cabal have done a good job of corrupting people (clearly..) When we take all of that into account, feeling your feelings means encapsulating all the plethora of emotions that hit you at any given moment. When people say they do not feel their emotions, that is not your cue to be behooved by them. There is nothing impressive about those who refuse to feel. That is a RED FLAG in a person and a person whom at anytime, by unconscious proxy; can turn abusive towards you.


Not feeling your emotions is a defensive survival mechanism. 


When I was in my mid 20’s, after the 4 djinn that were attached to, me left, I was suddenly slapped with a torrent of cold, dark, and, emotions that were literally drowning me.  These emotions were packed into me since birth (as I imagine…). I was forced to feel terrifying emotions, flashbacks, and, everything we expect of a trauma survivor. One minute I was happy, then relieved, then sad for the next 5, depressed in bursts, and by the time the sadness had just barely begun to wash out, white blooded rage would awash me when I was peacefully making myself a small sandwich in my kitchen. I wanted to take the plate and the entire dish rack and smash it through the window as I was remembering what I had left behind, I had to just sit on the floor and let the rage that was like boiling lava under my skin temper itself down.


What do would most people do at this point?




KEEP THEMSELVES BUSY (with sandwich… — gotta write about how to make a mean sammich someday in Sparty Cookbook lol!)




You simply cannot heal what you’re refusing to feel. Giving yourself permission and setting aside a time alone in your life to really process all your grievances, is life changing.


The emotion actually calms down faster when you give yourself the licence to feel that coursing rage, that immeasurable sadness, that heartbroken grief, and, that devastating betrayal. Crying those burning tears of emotional pain, frees you to a place where you can begin to slowly say “ah okay, so this happened and I am feeling this way because X triggered me. This is what still requires healing and neutralizing inside myself”.


When you avoid your emotions, you avoid yourself. You remain in victimhood and disempowerment when you constantly seek Love and Approval outside yourself. You betray yourself, you hurt yourself, you injure yourself.


You end up feeling like a lunatic because there are all these emotions looking to burst out at the seams and no one to help you make sense of it.


Normal feelings are hard enough to feel, let alone when you have so much to unpack. So you end up thinking “well, maybe I am bad, sad, mad, undeserving, crazy, psycho, unworthy, broken beyond repair, and, if someone TRULY knew what the hell I am, they would never ever stay.”  LIES. Feeling your emotions in a psychopathic world that is desperate to stamp your emotions out, is BRAVERY AND SHOULD BE REWARDED WITH A BADGE OF HONOUR. 


The first signal you should feel when you begin feeling your emotions, is confusion; shortly followed by a cathartic sense of relief, and, then compassion towards yourself which is how you extend it to others. It is impossible to understand and sit with anyone else’s emotion and pain, if you have not done it for yourself. I remember a guy who near enough bought entire Sparty Store (thank you so much J.H — you are loved and appreciated for your desire to be a better man through my work) — and he would always say the same thing to me — “Nadia, you have been so patient with me. How do you do it? Don’t you ever lose your mind LOL?”. What I said to him was “I had to totally become what I would have considered insane and crazy, to actually be stable and emotionally functioning. The more you’re willing to really drown in that void, the faster you will embrace your madness. Madness is sanity.”


I have a friend, who is psychically gifted such as myself and she said “How can I increase my ability?”. Her channeling is ACE and AMAZING, and I said “you HAVE to stop being afraid to be mad. You have to stop being afraid of yourself and your own power. You just have to stop being afraid to really fucking FEEL what is happening inside you. Smash the plate, break the chair, scream, cry on that drive home, drown in that inconsolable grief, FEEL — stop trying to be intellectual about feeling — FEEL, FEEL, FEEL..”


Healing your heart means finding ways to open it (Sparty Heart Wall Clearings are fabulous for this — click here to discover more) — and giving yourself LOTS of compassion and space to allow everything to show up. Feeling your feelings is scary and terrifying at first. You have to sit with the acceptance of how BLIND you have been to your own life and how unconscious you have been. However, it gives you the gift of insight and awareness. Being mindful and conscious of what your own struggles are, so you can understand other people’s struggles and allow them the mercy and service of feeling safe around you.


Feeling your feelings is a life changing decision.


You’ve neglected yourself enough. 


Don’t you think it’s time you were good to yourself for a change?


How would you feel if a close friend spoke to you the way you speak to yourself? Would they still be in your life?


Decisions that can only be taken by you, answers that are only found within 🙂


You owe it to your heart to thrive! <3


Little Sparty Says :  Be Kind to Yourself, means listening and feeling your feelings!