How to “get it together” in your life

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“Getting it together doesn’t have to be hard when you’re an adult. However, being an adult? Now that’s the hard part” Me, Nadia Arain – THE SPARTANITE

One of the biggest hurdles and roadblocks a person on their journey to becoming a well-rounded and better individual faces, is “getting it together”.

It sounds like a loaded phrase however many people feel intimidated when they hear it because what they are hearing is “you need to be perfect, otherwise you’re a failure”. Getting it together simply eludes to maturity. Now, we’re living in a time where it is a rarity to meet an individual who is an adult due to the fact that the Cabal have very sophisticatedly and seamlessly turned society into a dirty cesspit of moral degradation – there are no rights of passage any longer, nothing for when a boy becomes man or a girl becomes a woman.

Most people are merely grown up children stuck in adult bodies, having childish conversations. An overgrown child, basically.

To “get it together” is to grow up and growing up EMOTIONALLY, is painful.

It is painful due to trauma freezing a person at the state in their childhood where the trauma happened. (been there, done it)

…with having to dislodge it OUT of the brain to neutralise it. As a spiritual coach, whenever I have performed marriage based rituals for my clients, either to bring in a new spouse or to strengthen the marriage – people usually come and report to me “wow, I’ve erm – grown up”.

Running the magick on myself for a continuum for a month yielded interesting results – tightening boundaries further came immediately. I realised that most marriages do not work because there was genuinely never any compatibility in the first place. This spills over into tight boundaries to allow things to flow the way they should.

People marry, get a house, have kids and most of them get bored of each other as they stop growing together, hence they grow apart.

Again – nothing in common.

So how do you get it together?

Getting it together, is hard. It’s painful. It requires accountability and responsibility of how you’re showing up, with what choices you’re making by incorporating more of a playful side to yourself. Many people believe being an adult is boring, when that is far from the truth. When you know your responsibilities and behave sensibly – you can have all the mischief and fun you want in life!

There is a difference between being childish and being mischievous and naughty to have a good time. Most of us have truly never had any direction and to show us the right way. I attribute and credit my guide Belvia (Beli) and a lot of the Goetia to assist me in my own parenting and familial support.

Getting it together in life, is doing the INNER EMOTIONAL WORK. Dealing with your emotions on a daily basis + admitting you have issues that really require resolving. Whilst I do not spearhead a famous hashtag (but hashtag #Spartanite), my goal is always to assist people to clean up their life as I cleaned my own and to help them “get it together”.

(I certainly do not attest to the fact that I have it all together, (lol I wish) and I am certainly far from it.)

However, having a moon placement in Virgo makes me an aficionado of writing lists, asking why repeatedly and spotting the details.

When you look at the details, you will always stay ahead of most + be winning.

Getting it together, requires a plan.

Plans require mental strategy.

Mental strategy requires direction.

Direction requires following a trusted point of leadership.

…and leadership requires you to face the truth, because part of being an adult is to be responsible about the truth to yourself and to others.

Life is the sum of your decisions.

Let me help you make the best ones.

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