How To Heal Anxiety & Toxic Shame In Entrepreneurial Life

Entrepreneurship, by nature, is the highest manifestation of the Left Hand Path. Whether Entrepreneurs know it or not, ALL Entrepreneurially based thinking IS LHP thinking. Which means One forges their OWN path, instead of having a path handed to you. I follow both the LHP and RHP, so I speak from a balanced vantage point.


The LHP, as much as it would be shunned by the mainstream, teaches us who wish to learn, 3 things.




(On a side note, Belial, Clauneck and Sorath are awesome to mentor you in this mindframe — if you wish to work with either). 




Many Entrepreneurs are trauma survivors and hurt on the inside. There isn’t a single business event I have ever attended in my life where I haven’t seen this pain in someone’s eyes and radiate from them, no matter how many hundred’s of thousands and millions lies in their account or their asset worth. It is part of the gift and challenge of being clairsentient and psychically gifted. Many Entrepreneurs, get into business to create a LIFE for themselves after seeing so much pain and everything against them. The problem comes that that money is now being generated from a place of hurt, a place of bitterness, a place of sadness, a place that isn’t healthy. People who are Entrepreneurially minded, have atypically never had life easy, nor have they wanted to be the Status Quo Sheep of Society. So they viciously set out to put life on THEIR TERMS that they can CONTROL.


SPARTANITE SIDE NOTE : I also want to address that TECHNOLOGY (on a deliberate basis) is one of the MAIN REASONS the modern human has extreme and terrifying levels of anxiety. They are pumping these waves into the atmosphere, your phones are downloading information into the palms of your hands that are travelling through your Nadis, Meridians AND messes up your auric fields, as well as WiFi — as I call it, the silent killer. I will cover a DEEP TECHNOLOGICAL DETOX at some point. Our aura cleanses take the pressure and manic feeling off you pretty fast and I designed them initially, as such, to help fast paced Entrepreneurs have velocity needed for Business MINUS the “energy” drinks and insanity. Now, everyone benefits from the cleanses! 😀 More can be found on them, here.


But when does ambition cross into “I am killing myself and I don’t even know it?”…


Herein lies the problem.


We can get SO focused on “having it all” and getting our shit together (often in a useless bid to impress others), that we forget we are human. We forget to appreciate, acknowledge, and admire ourselves for ALL we have not only achieved but the wonder of being HUMAN. This comes from SELF COMPASSION. When you are nice, kind, and loving to yourself — you atypically will understand the time to extend those emotions to someone else and allow them to feel like they can BREATHE and feel like themselves in your company.


I, personally, am a very driven person but it isn’t drive that is alienating to others. I LOVE working and would do so day and night, if I could. However, as I increased in self-worth and appreciating my body, I learned there was a line I wasn’t going to cross everyday. If I was tired, I AM TIRED. And that’s that. I find I can do so much more and my productivity blossoms well 🙂


So what is anxiety?


Anxiety (at least to me), is bottled up emotion we don’t talk about. Bottled up trauma we never got to address, sit down, and really spend time FEELING it. We never got to talk to anyone about it, anyone who really cared for us. Anyone who held our hand and we felt loved, seen, and at peace in our heart with them. Someone who told us we will be okay instead of this cold, cruel world shitting on us and leaving us for a dead, broken shell. A person who hugged us when we cried tears of sadness, and shame and just stood with us. Someone who comforted us. Someone who we finally felt ALIVE, around.


Anxiety, stems from toxic shame a person carries. A type of shame that no amount of money, fast cars, assets, deals, contracts, achievements, awards, clients, and travelling; can quell inside us. A type of shame that constantly keeps us striving for more but not in a healthy way, in a harmful one. A type of shame attached to so many successful people, it’s frightening to watch.


A type of shame that tells us that we are never ever ever ever ever enough, no matter WHAT we do. I remember feeling this way years back and as I slowly began healing myself on the inside, I didn’t feel like the ONLY TIME EVER I could take my foot off the gas when Spartanite had made X amount on the balance sheet. I realised Spartanite was already successful because she was built from the foundations of Power, Courage, and, Strength and she was a magnet to attract ALL THOSE irrespective of their socio-economic status, a place to feel empowered and HUMAN. A place to feel heard and seen. A place to improve one’s, self.


Healing toxic shame, comes in waves. Many of us in Entrepreneurship, try our best to stay “busy” and are always rushing around for something. God Forbid, we actually SAT DOWN and had to feel something, anything. And that is where the anxiety stems up from. Insomnia, nightmares, a racing heart, whirring thoughts, tingling in the body, inflammations, hernias, headaches — ALL OF THIS IS TOXIC SHAME, SPEAKING. Your body CRYING for you to LISTEN to HIM/HER because the pain has now manifested in the body. Solfaggio healing frequency music (you can find it on Youtube), is one of the most relaxing, and calming things to incite rest, and calm within the body. 


In a mad world, in a world driven by insanity and a culture of psychosis, the best Entrepreneurial gift you can gift yourself, is PEACE. Peace of Mind, Peace of Body, Peace of Spirit. Entrepreneurship, is often a fast paced venture. You have to do so much in short spaces of time, that is natural and normal to feel anxiety. Get better with planning, give yourself lots of room and eat healthy and get PROPER SLEEP. Stop lying to yourself that 4 hour sleep is enough.






Toxic Shame that manifests itself into Anxiety reminds us that we are somehow unworthy at a core, fundamental level.


This is a lie.




Only The Strong, Survive.