How To Increase Personal Magnetism For Success

It’s quite hot in London right now and it’s dark (9pm) and I have my little salt lamp on, writing this. Writing is a funny thing. It strikes you least when you expect it.

Personal Magnetism, is a very interesting phenomenon. Without this quality, it is near enough impossible to possess a charming and pleasing personality, one that engages humans across all walks of life. I remember reading a very interesting post on Female Empaths and how men become obsessed with us, because we TRULY and GENUINELY LISTEN and show interest to another person. Sadly, in a culture and society where people are only obsessed with yelling to be heard, the person who actually engages with you FAR BEYOND the mundane boring “can I have your card details”, transaction, will win your business.

There are some people I do business with, who I know NOT to engage in any personal talk with. That is for another day. But for the most part, I, as well as countless other individuals in the world–know that true joy and pleasure in Business, actually comes from establishing a bond with someone and actually getting to know them as a human being. Personal Magnetism, can be no where better seen than in public speakers, comedians as well as those in Sales. The funny thing, is that we are ALL in sales. We are either selling someone something, an idea, a product, a way of thinking or someone sold US on something. This does not mean that you have to get your own way all the time. Life is better when things magnetically flow, as they are intended to be.

So how can you increase personal magnetism?

The answer is simple.

Engage your listener’s EMOTION. 

Most people speak, simply because they feel they need to hear the sound of their own voice, for the umpteenth time of the day.

I used to be friends with a woman and she was complaining of a lack of business. When I asked her how many times she e-mailed her mailing list, she remarked not often. And even then, ONLY with promotions and offers. Slim wonder why no one was responding, as one must GIVE to RECEIVE. As one opens the floodgates of controlled generosity (please do not give like an idiot), you will come to find that people will warm to you, as you have now become a source of POSITIVITY in their life. Most people are negative influences and find that their demeanour, is displeasing and unbecoming of anything good in their life.

I have attended many events where people do absolutely nothing than just drone on, instead of ENGAGING people. You have a very short timeframe and span to ENTICE AND CAPTURE an individual’s, attention. Your stuff BETTER BE GRAND for people to recognise your worth and value and not only that, to keep returning for more.

I expand on this type of winning mindset more and you can check that out, right here.