How To Invite Feminine Abundance By Healing Trauma From Abuse

There is so much I can write in this little post, that I will need to start shooting videos to supplement this because it goes so very deep. The whole entire world, is in a mind controlled fucked up CHAOS, and let me tell you—it’s designed to get even a million times worse. I don’t say this to discourage you, but to tell you that you need to FULL ON engage in Spiritual War and in shielding to protect yourself by honestly, any means necessary.

Inviting Abundance by healing trauma from abuse, is really easier done than said. Through Spartanite, I promised that people (especially women) will find their own self, honour themselves, their life path and find their true purpose. I promised myself I will raise women’s lower chakras out of the dirt, GIVE THEM CONFIDENCE THEY ARE WORTH EVERYTHING AND PROMISE THEM TRUE CONFIDENCE TO DEMAND A LIFE OF THEIR CHOOSING.

All well and done, but when it comes to it–it really isn’t as easy as it looks. I, personally am a trauma abuse survivor who broke free from the binds of sludge negative entity possession (you can read my story here), on some days, still feel like I am just about finding my way through this terrible world. But, as Belvia, my spirit guide always reminds me—the storm is over and the sun will and is shining ­čśÇ

Abundance, is an interesting term. It doesn’t only just mean money, it means being at a place of peace in one’s life, where there has been nothing but pain, sadness and destruction. It is about walking that very Plutonian underworld, like Persephone has done when she was forced to go with Hades, that intense, raw, powerful Scorpionic energy, that is both hypnotic and murderous, and allowing yourself to heal the pain that Pluto erupts when we deal with the inner child that has been tortured, wounded and broken. I speak this with experience with my Pluto, Lilith and Juno in 7th House, all in Scorpio. Inviting this feminine abundance by being a feminine woman, means walking with the DARK FEMININE ESSENCE.

The Dark Feminine, comes naturally to Scorpionic energy as we rule over it. It makes us question our lust, our rage, our abuse, trauma, sadness, desire to transcend the mundane and the psychological power plays that people bring in our lives. Abundance, comes from the KNOWING of how to DEAL with these emotions and holding yourself together. I personally have a mix of Cap and Scorp fighting each other, so things can get ugly quickly for me, and I know for many others—especially if you are reading this and you have placements in these signs. Creating abundance after trauma, is possible and I am living proof of it. I am not going to sit here and tell you that it is easy, but what I AM going to tell you reading this–is that SOMEONE in the world, has prayed for what you represent and you mean the world to many people.

When I was 25, one summer, I remember in the month of June, I was lying heartbroken in my bed, with no direction, purpose and destiny. I remember the Archangel Gabriel visiting me and I was literally blinded by his magickal white light. His wings had rubies and diamonds attached to them and they were fucking HUGE. He was terrifying to look at, so I had to turn my face and look at the wall. I still remember his words to me today.

“Whatever you do, don’t kill yourself. Please hang on and know that so many people need you, and so many people will find their personal hope through you. You will have riches and a life BEYOND your imagination, just please—don’t kill yourself. We know what we are doing for you, and we know your re-birth is the most painful thing ever, but we promise you the results will be worth it”.

I felt a sharp pang of pain rush into my head and the light was gone. I just lay there crying. Even those words did nothing to comfort me. Surely, they should have meant SOMETHING? Well, as I later came to find–healing your trauma, means sometimes just learning how to breathe. How to walk out to get a nice pizza for yourself and lay on the sofa and sob.

It is okay to not feel like you have your life together, it is okay to feel like a failure or a loser or that you will never amount to anything. It is okay BECAUSE IT IS PART OF THE SPARTANITE JOURNEY YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED TO UNDERTAKE.. There are days, I do not get out of bed for myself, but for the wonderful clients I serve. I know they rely on my work and depend on the abundance I provide them and in typical Saturnian form of being a Capricorn Stellium, I show up for duty.

There are ways to heal, heal your heart and recover your esteem and equally recover your money.

There is always a way.

Find yours here :)

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