How To Keep Control Over Your Emotions Via Self Discipline

Many times in life, I often find that people struggle with their emotions. You may be one of these people.

In a society that keeps encouraging people to “express” their emotions, it forgets one major thing.

The CORRECT way to express emotions.

It often amazes me that humans, clever as one can be, have often not learned to figure out how to process emotions. This comes from the ordinary Mary and Joe factory worker mentality, that did not NEED to process their emotions. They just went along with a sub-par life and called it a day. They learned this from their own parents and passed it down onto us. The grand thing, is that you do not have to accept your parent’s mistakes. If they are improving and are inspired by your progress, GREAT!. If they are not, bless them with Love and KEEP YOURSELF MOVING FORWARD.

So what is Self Discipline?

It sounds like a boring term linked to punishment. As a child, you learn quickly that you are “disciplined” if you act out of line. Discipline becomes synonymous with punishment, when it is not. DISCIPLINE IS CONTROL, OR AS AN ADULT — CONTROL OF ONE’S SELF. Discipline, is how skyscrapers are built, LONG AFTER the mood of the builder’s, has left the building. When one does not possess discipline over one’s self, the major ISSUE you are dealing here with—is TRUST.

It comes back to the Mary and Joe mentality. No higher thinking, just surviving to the next day/paycheque — or whatever. It isn’t a way to live. So what can be done to allow yourself more control, whilst still remaining approachable and open?

Well, I usually say — first thing being, check your Natal Astrological chart 🙂 (You can check in the Store section for your birth chart– if you don’t already know your placements). The more EARTH (Taurus, Virgo and Cap) you have in your chart, control comes easier to you. Earth isn’t about messy emotions. Where I often find the challenge to stay stable comes, is in ALL the other placements. Allow me to explain :

FIRE : Runs off and starts a gazillion projects, gets bored, feels impatient, throws in the towel. Cycle repeats.

AIR : Talks about what they are going to do SO MUCH, it feels complete. No work gets done. Cycle repeats.

WATER : Feels emotions so deeply and doesn’t know an apt way of processing. Cries. Too much overwhelm and anxiety. Mission aborted. Cycle repeats.

I should know! I am an AIRY Aquarian, I LOVE talking about myself, my life and how I see the world through a fish eyed lens, in a way only an Aquarian can–which is crazy, bizarre and weird. If I did not have a Capricorn Stellium (thanks Saturn! — I finally appreciate you!), I would NEVER EVER get ANYthing done. My Aquarian Sun would just make me talk and talk and get bored and goof off talking about aliens (hey, aliens are cool — I am all for GRAY PRIDE! LOL)

Once you have your UNDERSTANDING of yourself, no longer are you fighting to go against the grain. You actually enjoy your quirks and odd things only YOU do, with blessings of your placement. I would state as further that if you truly wish for Self Discipline, discover your Mars Sign and WORK WITH THAT EXCLUSIVELY. Mars rules our work, sex drive, passions, how we fuck and fight as well as our “war approach” to others. My Mars (unsurprisingly) is in Capricorn lol…

Self Discipline should never feel like a punishment for you. It is about being a healthy, mature adult—gaining control over one’s own life and living life fully because you do not allow your emotions to rule you like a slave. You never need to suffer and think you have made a fool of yourself if you pace yourself slowly and allow things to flow naturally, as they are supposed to 🙂 When you possess control over your emotions, you can control your own life—which is the basis of a Spartanite Man and a Spartanite, herself.

I would love to hear your comments in the box below <3