How To Know You Have Healed From Narcissistic Abuse Successfully

Healing from Abuse, needs it’s own lane.

Your life is never the same, once you have experienced large amounts of Trauma and Abuse. If you haven’t endured anything of that sort, and you’re reading this ; I invite you to have some shard of compassion that would be challenging because until and unless you have endured mind splitting shock, it’s hard to really “sit with it”. Try anyway.

The main thing people often struggle with, is domestic violence, narcissistic (or other Cluster B) abuse, and sexual assault. In those 3 categories, emotional and verbal assault is always present and for couples/families, a huge element of financial abuse. There is a certain frequency that abuse leaves you at. I thought about this whilst eating an icecream yesterday. I am enjoying the silence of Easter, in Silence — we are closer to the Divine and receive more messages and downloads and I really felt to discuss what I got.

I feel to pick healing from Narcissistic abuse and the dehumanising soul rape it leaves you with, as one of the most horrific things that can happen to a human being. All abuse stems from disordered individuals, and whilst I don’t love giving them a whole platform of airtime, it’s wise to cover the basics so emotionally SANE people, are made aware (and armed). Part of healing from this type of abuse, is victimhood. I had to do it, had to go through it, and the chemical and psychic trauma bonding, is one of the most impossible things to break.

A lot of people are not only chemically bonded to their abuser, they are psychically bonded. Which is why you have to consistently regulate your thoughts all the time, after leaving them behind (because on a psychic level, there is no WAY they are letting go of YOU). I remember days just screaming, lamenting, and crying about multiple abusers that the evil djinn and the black magick that my Father’s sister-in-law (my psychopathic “aunt”) put on us, as a family, drove me to. When you’re sick in the head, ANYONE is game.

In my recovery, I came to realise a very interesting component that a lot of healed up people never seem to do. It probably comes from my own experiences, however the trauma bonding isn’t really all that chemical at a VERY deep metaphysical level. It is my belief that ALL disordered people are permanently possessed by djinn and other dirty, nasty entities. I have a cousin (a whole heap of them) who is a narcissist, and bar saying “yes fine, thank you for asking”, and practicing grey rock so he never bothers saying anything to me at ALL, I have never engaged in more direct conversation. Any time I would be forced to see a picture of him, his eyes are BLACK. (His Father is a super duper Narc + Sociopath, apples never fall too far from trees). I am not talking dark brown eyes. I am talking BLACK. Black, as I recognise that level of black. He was abused the worst out of his siblings and I use him sometimes as a study case. It is nothing but a void inside them. There is not a “good person” waiting to get out. It’s evil. Dark. Black. Evil. Exactly what they show in the “horror” movies.

Except no horror movies, are horror. They are all real. They aren’t scripted storylines to entertain you. They rely on the ignorance, naivety, and stupidity of the human race to show you what is happening in broad day light. All of it, is real. And also a quick way to increase djinn possession in the world. Yes, spirits can easily pass through screens into your place.

With THAT analogy given, how do you know when you have healed from Narcissistic abuse?

What they have done, doesn’t bother you any longer. THAT IS REAL HEALING and healing that is borderline impossible to come to terms with, after the DAMAGE that you have had to go through.

I don’t want anyone reading this thinking I am invalidating their pain. I know that pain very well and I encourage you to fully feel like you’ve gone insane, because that is the ONLY way you will end up recovering. However, I will absolutely warn anyone reading this, please don’t feel like you need to go over and over and over and over what happened, ONCE you have found the answer ; because that is one of the main ways you’re going to be tied to the person/people that abused you. Just know there is NOTHING you could have done to change the outcome, one cannot dip a skunk in perfume and expect it to last. The same analogy goes for this. I want you to focus on your healing, focus on healing each shard that this evil monster (or a bunch of them) took away from you. What’s going to happen when you do that, is that your frequency is going to change. It is exactly like music. Modern pop music that people listen to, is damaging their brain and sticking them under brainwave frequency to be controlled easily. It is the fall, the same fall of Spirits, that can be attributed to anything. ALL human bodies vibrate at a frequency. When you hit that frequency, a door either opens or closes. The pop music, is a LOWER frequency that normal soothing music, hence causing damage.

Now, imagine you stop listening to it, and listen to normal Solfaggio music, something that soothes your body and your mind, your frequency increases. Same for healing after abuse. Your frequency increases. Whatever awful and horrible things this cretin has done with you, starts actually healing away. It’s like healing a sore wound. As time goes on, the skin heals. The physical scar will always remain for a reminder, but the actual pain DOES heal out. Part of the reason I created specific Spartanite Store Products that you can find in our Store, was to heal many people from this level of abuse and most importantly raise their frequency. Raising your frequency, is the real key to healing and keeping the shallow, narcissist infested pool of consciousness away from you ­čÖé

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