How To Make Tough Decisions For Self Preservation

If it is not tough, it is not a decision. 


Deciding between an assortment of dishes on a menu sitting in a restaurant, is not a decision.


It is a choice.


Making decisions, is always tough.  Man or Woman.


It is tough because you have to weigh up all the options and put your heart and head in alignment, to come to the conclusion. Sometimes you take time to make a decision, as you are growing into an enhanced version of yourself. Sometimes, it comes in the blink of an eye for self-preservation. The interesting part, is that when you’re self-aware, you have a window of opportunity to make the decision.


We often refer to it as due diligence.


Currently, you have to be preparing and be instantaneously ready in many areas of your life. No matter how ready you think you may be, you’re not. Even I am not ready. And I say that as a woman who comes to the table prepared for ANYTHING to come out of anyone’s mouth. These days you never know what is speaking through someone, what controls them, and, in what hive mind a person resides in. Many innocent, ordinary people are simply clueless of what we are really headed towards and as the old saying goes — water always finds it’s own level. 


You cannot prepare for anything, any type of category 5 hurricane hitting landfall, if your mind and body is immobilized and you cannot act under feeling depression, anxiety, pressure, stressed, and, feeling lost. Creating Occult resilience, in a world gone mad — simply means you will be able to filter through most of the garbage that people get trapped into. I call them matrixes. In a nutshell, they are “fields” people get trapped into because they are at that frequency. It is impossible to explain this to someone until you have jumped out of that timeline and you are observing it from a distance. It reminds me of the saying “God broke your heart to save your soul” — or something along the lines of it.


All it takes for some “glitch” (shall we call it as such, or should we say it is as is…?) to turn off your water supply, your phone line, your internet, your banking access, your food provision — as the trial experiment on people, before it is rolled out full scale. Before you choose to protect anything, protect your mind and people’s access to it — as well as any other access(es) anything else contributes to it. Mental health is the pinnacle to keep everything moving, meaning you have to be bold in removing anything that threatens and destroys your peace.


Happiness comes from peace. There are many components of peace, chiefly Spiritual and Mental peace. When you have both of those, creating financial peace is often simple. The triad of MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND, FINANCIAL — all go hand in hand. The largest transfer of wealth PLUS human power, has began. As a race, humans have near enough already lost all our power and it takes a tonne of concerted magickal and spiritual work, to keep slowly restoring those shards. It looks like trying to build a brick wall fortress when you have flaming arrows shooting at you, left, right, and, center. For individuals who have not had anything to “go up against” in life, the premise of what is written here — is both baseless, and useless. Not to mention, futile.


However, all interpersonal challenges are now at a national and global level. The velocity increases as the days and months go by. When you’re fully aware of what is coming up ahead, creating solid lasting confidence and rock solid esteem, becomes your prime concern. When you possess the steel slat core of empowerment, anything external is unable to shake you because that core keeps you intact. That core, is what people genuinely covet. That core, is exactly — what we do not have enough of. So if someone has a strong gait and moves with force, people automatically mistake the man to have confidence. Confidence and Esteem go hand in hand.



We are now standing at the juncture in the middle of the jungle where you had only wished you had taken up survival skills. It is a terrible fate to be dropkicked into situations that bitch-slap backhand you into primal shock of realising you have NO CLUE what the hell to do next. That is where real fear forms from. The inability to know what is coming next because your life has been comfortable and smooth. Either due to financial means, privilege, or having the honour of people who looked out for you and protected you in your life.


Arrogance and ego, is not confidence. It is to be seen for what it is. Low self worth. Tough decisions, are often taken in contemplation and silence.


Intelligence and maturity, is not the same thing.


Intelligence is the capacity one can process a situation and it’s linear (or maybe in our case, non linear?) outcomes to. Maturity is the ability to reason with wisdom, experience, and, compassion.


Never ever trust an immature person. Maturity, by default — helps you make the right decisions.


Never trust a person who doesn’t know how to keep their mouth shut and will sell you out for a meal. Never trust a person who has not had REAL battles to fight in life because life never challenged them. Never trust someone who cannot take care of themselves in EVERY option, for how they treat themselves; is how they treat you. Many people talk about Love. Love is grand. But Love is not the real currency between 2 individuals.


Trust, however is.


When you wish to preserve yourself, you have to select what feels trustworthy and safe to your energy. Chaotic people are not calm. Chaos is not trustworthy because when that hurricane hits landfall, they will NOT keep calm under pressure. When someone has been taken hostage, when someone collapses infront of you, when you are fired from your job, when your business sales plummet, when someone you love dies out of no where, when the unexpected, comes to confront you in your worst nightmares — what is inside you on a daily basis, will come out.


Tough decisions are not made by the immature. That is why they are immature. They are unable to make and take the decisions that revolve around the Discipline of self. Tough decisions will make your insides turn, will make you cry at 3 am, will make you question your sanity, your reputation, your legacy, your existence.


Discipline is not for everyone. Then again, neither is Success.


Stop associating the word Success, to a direct alignment to money. There is financial success that the world recognises and will help you move upwards. There is Success of character, a success of maturity, and a sense of common sense. Very rarely in the world is emotional maturity taught anywhere. What is taught is simply how to show up at a professional level, and yet have the maturity and IQ of a grape. Whilst that may have cut it 10 years back, it simply won’t anymore.


Emotional grace, discipline, and, maturity — allows you to keep the right friends, marry the right man/woman, and, only associate with individuals who possess foresight to honour the commitment you have to your own self.


Remember, if it is not tough, it is not a decision.


Isn’t it time you took control of your own life?